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Easy Grease Filter Cleaning with Series 500 Cleaning Crystals

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Grease Filter Cleaning Agent

Airclean Cleaning Agent Dissolves with Water to make a powerful Degreasing Solution

Grease build up is something that can not be avoided in commercial kitchens. Periodically scraping away at the problem is a lot of hard work and can be avoided. Airclean Series 500 Grease Filter Cleaning Crystals will efficiently break down oil, grease and carbon build up in your kitchen and give you a helping hand in your getting your restaurant kitchen grease free and sparkling again.

The Series 500 Grease Filter Cleaning Crystals will allow staff to effectively and hygienically clean grease filters, grills and cooking trays, saving hours of work. The Grease Filter Cleaning Crystals should be diluted in warm water to make up the powerful cleaning solution, and are most effective when used at a high temperature ideally in Airclean’s Heated Grease Filter Cleaning Tank, where the crystals are at the their most active, however can be used in other plastic containers, buckets or sinks at your disposal.

The Series 500 Grease Filter Cleaning Crystals are ideal for all types of catering business and are used in cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels, replacing the need for someone to scrub away at grease build up for hours.  The Crystals will last for several weeks without their efficiency dropping and so not only will you save on labour costs, but you won’t be spending money on detergents and materials either!

The Series 500 Grease Filter Cleaning Crystals really are the perfect solution for cleaning your grease filters and kitchen canopy, what’s more tubs are available for next day delivery and can be purchased on a credit card over the phone, or on our website.

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World Cup 2010 – Pubs and Bars are you ready for it?

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010
Sports News - February 04, 2009

With the Fifa World Cup only two weeks away, we are asking if our Pubs and Bars are ready for the surge of football fans coming through their doors.  Some basic filtration checks could help bar staff and chefs keep cool in this busy period.  Here are our top 5.

1. Check all Air Conditioning Filters

– Dirty Air Filters in Air conditioning systems can reduce cooling efficiency and air flow, resulting in hot headed staff and football fans.  Simple replacements of panel filters, or bag filters could keep the hottest of football fans cool during a penalty shootout.

2. Check Kitchen Supply Air Filters

– Kitchen Supply Air is vital to keep chefs cool during service.  Typically Kitchen Supply Filters could be G4 Pleated Panel Filters, ranging up to F6 Bag Filters.  Changing these air filters will allow maximum air intake  making sure that come full time the kitchen will run efficiently under the increased pressure.

3. Check Kitchen Extract Filters

– Kitchen Extract Filters are just as important as the supply air filters, to make sure all hot air has a path to exit the kitchen. Mesh Grease Filters , and Baffle Grease Filters in the kitchen canopy should be checked, and cleaned with a solution such as Airclean Series 500 Grease Filter Cleaning Agent, to ensure air can pass through filters freely.  Also any secondary filters such as panel filters, bag filters, and those all important Charcoal Filters should be inspected for blockages and replaced if necessary.

4. Be Prepared!

– A break down during this period of increased business could be catastrophic so make sure you have your air conditioning companies phone number on hand just in case of an emergency.  If your kitchen is likely to experience a high increase in business, maybe consider a Heated Grease Filter Cleaning Tank, or some spare air filters, to minimise down time, and keep ahead of your maintenance schedule during the World Cup.

5. And Finally – Enjoy It!

– This tournament only comes round once every four years, and is one of the few sporting events that brings England together.  So if you are stuck behind a bar or in a kitchen, make sure you keep one eye on the score, and stay ahead of the game, and enjoy the tournament with your friend and colleagues.

If your bar or pub needs replacement kitchen filters or air conditioning filters ASAP before the world cup, contact our sales team and we will be more than happy to help!

Mesh vs Baffle Grease Filters

Sunday, April 11th, 2010
Mesh Vs Baffle Grease Filters

Mesh Vs Baffle Grease Filters

The DW172 is The HVCA specification for Kitchen Ventilation Systems.  This standard includes industry standard guidelines for the design of Kitchen Ventilation systems, including Supply Air, Canopy Design, Grease Filtration, Smoke and Odour Nuiscance Control, and extract discharge.

For Primary Grease filtration the DW172 suggests that Baffle Style Grease Filters should be installed in the canopy to benefit from their easy clean style, high grease removal efficiency, and also their fire / flame protection properties.  As a secondary filter, a mesh style grease filter can be installed after the baffle to offer further grease removal.

This has left the classic Mesh Style Grease Filter by the wayside in new kitchen extract systems and to meet this demand in the market, Airclean manufacture a stylish and robust Stainless Steel Baffle Filter.

Despite this, sales of mesh filters are still consistent, and Airclean are still manufacturing these to meet demand.  So why is this?

Stainless Steel Baffle Filters are commonly not effective when retro fitted into older systems which have been designed using the classic Mesh Type Grease Filters.  This can present many problems in the Kitchen, and in the Kitchen Extract System.

A Stainless Steel Baffle Filter has a significantly higher resistance to airflow over the Mesh Style Grease Filter (30Pa in Mesh, 80-125Pa in Baffles).  When retro fitted this can cause a significant loss of airflow leaving users with poorly ventilated kitchen, and hot chefs.  Worse still this simple filter change can result in fan failures due to the increased resistance.

For effective grease removal (90% efficiency) with a Baffle Grease Filter the correct face velocity must be achieved across the filter.  When like for like sized, and numbers of baffle filters are retro fitted in to a canopy, it is common that the required air speed is not achieved and the filters efficiency is greatly reduced.  This results in excessive grease carry over, increasing fire risks, breakdowns, and the need for costly duct cleaning.

For these reasons Airclean recommend that when replacing Mesh Grease Filters for Stainless Steel Baffle Filters, a complete system re design should be investigated before suffering the effects of poor grease filtration.  If this is not possible then like for like mesh style grease filters should be installed, possibly with the consideration of the more hard wearing Stainless Steel Mesh Grease Filters.

So we expect the demand Baffle Grease Filters to continue to increase, and the Mesh style eventually decrease.  But for the time being we continue to offer both these products and offer advice for the right selection for your installation or replacement needs.

P.S.  Dont forget, for a more durable Mesh Grease Filter, Airclean offer a Stainless Steel Grid Mesh Grease Filter.

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Airclean offer ESPs for Grease and Smoke Control

Monday, February 8th, 2010

ESPs for Grease and Smoke Control

If grease and smoke are expected to cause nuisance in a catering establishment an ESP (Electrostatic Precipitator) could be the perfect solution.

Offering a 95% efficiency this inline product utilises Electrostatic Technology to remove airbourne smoke and grease particles.

All internal filters are washable along with the ESP Cell, resulting in low maintenance costs over HEPA and Bag Filter solutions.

Used with the Airclean Kitchavent 2000, or UV Ozone Odour Neutraliser for odour control, the Airclean ESP could be part of the total nuisance control system you are looking for.

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Domestic Cooker Hood Filters

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Cooker Hood Filter Media

Keep your home kitchen clean with Airclean’s Cooker Hood Filter Media.  This filter media is for use in “Old Style” cooker extracts, where aluminium filters are not present.
By regularly changing the Cooker Hood Filter it ensures that airflow through the extract system is kept high, benefiting the following:
  • Effective removal of cooking steam
  • Effective removal of smoke
  • Effective Removal of heat
  • Removal of cooking odours (where activated carbon filter is used)
  • Minimising unwanted grease build up in the kitchen

Three styles of cooker hood filter are available, Standard, Washable, and Activated Carbon (Odour Control), and each come in sizes of 2000mm x 570mm.  Each filter can be cut to size at home to suit the exact size of your extractor, and would usually offer up to 5 changes.

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Baffle Filter Improvements

Monday, September 7th, 2009

Stainless Steel Baffle FiltersOn our constant quest to improve our products we have taken on board customer feedback to improve our Stainless Steel Baffle Grease Filters.

Improvements :-

• Rivet Reductions – We have reduced our rivet usage by more than 70% on average per filter.

Easier Cleaning , Reduced Weak Points, Improved Aesthetics.

• Wire Handles – Re introduction of Fold Flat Wire Handles.

No Rattling, Safer and Stronger Handling.

As Always :-

• Two full 180 Degree Turning Passages ensuring maximum grease removal efficiency.
• Available in Stainless Steel Grade 430 (Mirror), Grade 304 (Brushed) or Aluminium.
• Standard and Non Standard Sizes Available.
• Manufactured in our Kent based factory.

Grease Filter Cleaning

Sunday, August 9th, 2009
Grease Filter Cleaning Equipment

Grease Filter Cleaning Equipment

Clean Grease Filters, are the key to a hygenic and efficient kitchen extract system. Airclean offer a range of products to assist you with this messy chore, providing a safe, clean, and effective solution to cleaning your Mesh and Baffle Grease Filters.

    Series 500 – Grease Filter Cleaning Crystals

Series 500 Grease Filter Cleaning Crystals are a powerful degreasing agent and its colloidal action removes oil and grease more efficiently and safely than the usual degreasing agents such as caustic or ordinary washing soda.

A solution of the Grease Filter Cleaning Crystals can be kept for several weeks without its efficiency being impaired, so that it need not be discarded until its cleaning power has been fully utilised.

    Standard Horizontal Grease Filter Cleaning Tank

This galvanised steel tank offers a convenient container to soak dirty mesh, or baffle grease filters in Series 500 Grease Filter Cleaning Solution. This container will hold up to three “2 inch” mesh or baffle grease filters or six “1 inch” filters.

    Heated Vertical Grease Filter Cleaning Tank

The Airclean Heated Vertical Grease Filter Cleaning Tank is designed to tuck neatly under most standard kitchen work surfaces, and like the horizontal tank offers a conveniant container to soak dirty filters in Series 500 Grease Filter Cleaning Solution. In addition this tank contains a heating element to raise the temperature of the cleaning solution, offering improved cleaning. The solution can be used many times before it looses its efficiency, but once it does the solution can be released and disposed of through a drain tap located on the front of the tank.

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