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When should i change my air filter?

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Struggling to decide when to change your air filters?  Struggle no more with an Airclean Inclined Manometer.  This simple device can be mounted to duct work or an air handling unit across a filter section, and will give a read out showing the pressure differential across the air filter.

Inclined Manometer

An Inclined Manometer can be used to determine when an air filter should be changed.

Throughout the life of any particulate air filter (eg. panel, bag, HEPA)  its resistance to airflow will increase and this can be visually seen on an inclined manometer.  This resistance is commonly used to show the life of an air filter and determine when it should be replaced for new.  Recommended discard resistances are shown on all Airclean Data Sheets and Operation and Maintenance Instructions, which can be found in our catalogue or on our website.

By ensuring filters are changed regularly and in line with our guideline discard pressures, an efficient system with regards to both filtration and energy can be achieved.

For more information on when you should change your filters, or how to measure the resistance of an air filter when it is in service, contact the Airclean Technical Sales Team.

High Performance Panel Filters

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011
High Performance Pleated Panel Filters

High Performance Pleated Panel Filters - F6, F7, F8 to EN779

High performance air filters are rated to achieve efficiencies F6, F7, F8 and F9 to EN779, and are used to give medium to high air quality suitable for use in applications such as supply air to offices, hospitals and swimming pools. 

High Efficiency filters are typically offered in the form of Multi Pocket Bag Filters, Rigid Bag Filters and High Performance Rigid Pleats.  These filters are always offered as the primary solution to achieve high quality air, as they have a high filter media surface area offering a long filter life and the ability to handle large air capacities. 

On occasion we find our contractors and system designers demand a high efficiency filter that does not take up the space (depth) that a bag filter or rigid pleat filter will take up in an air movement system.  To meet this demand Airclean offer High Performance Pleated Panel Filters in grades F6, F7 and F8 to EN779.  

Airclean High Performance Pleated Panel Filters are available in 98mm, and 47mm thicknesses allowing high efficiency filtration to be achieved in spaces which do not allow for bag filters.  The high efficiency panel filters are of standard cardboard or metal frame construction identical to the typical lower grade G4 panel air filters and can be identified by their coloured pleats pale green (F6 to EN779), pink (F7 to EN779), and yellow (F8 to EN779).

The life span of a high performance pleated panel filter in most situations will be less than that of a Multi Pocket Bag Filter or Rigid Pleat as it has a lower dust holding capacity.  This does not make it a very energy efficient filter, and can result in high replacement costs, but when space is a premium this filter is available as a suitable solution.

For more information of your high efficiency filtration options please contact our technical sales team on 01622 83277, or e mail at

Panel Air Filters – How do you like yours?

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Since Airclean began manufacturing our cardboard framed panel filters they have been constructed using Cap Scrap Facias.  Cap Scrap is a waste product from the manufacture of crown cap bottle tops, and has been used by the air filter industry for many years.

Cap Scrap Facias for Panel Filters

Cap Scrap - The waste material from crown cap manufacture

Cap Scrap waste material makes a practical facia for pleated and glass panel filters.  With closely nested punched holes, capscrap facias have a large open face for maximum airflow at minimum resistance, whilst the remaining material provides a rigid structure that retains its strength under extreme conditions such as high moisture and high air flow velocities.

In addition to CapscrapAirclean offer cardboard lattice facia option, which isthe more common construction in the air filter industry.  Airclean’s cardboard facias are manufactured from recycled cardboard, and utilise a diamond cut out design to offer the maximum open face whilst maintaining rigidity for the air filter.  This style of construction makes for a fully incinerable panel air filter to meet the requirements of some industries.

Cardboard Lattice Facias

Cardboard Lattice Facias - 100% Recycled

Both construction options are available in standard and non standard panel filter sizes, for pleated, glass and synthetic options.  On request you can have your air filter made exactly as you want utilising the best materials to suit your application. 

To discuss which option suits your application best, or to learn more about the benefits of each style contact our technical team.

Metal Framed Pleated Panel Filters – High Moisture Solution

Monday, August 30th, 2010

It is a common sight on fresh air supply systems to see cardboard framed panel filters that have collapsed due to high moisture content from weather conditions including rain and humidity.  When moisture gets into the cardboard frame its rigidity can fail causing the filter to deform and sag in the filter frame.  In worst case scenarios the panel filter can fall out of its frame entirely with catastrophic consequences.

The amount of moisture in the duct is often dictated by how close to the fresh air inlet, a panel filter is located and there are a few options available to a designer / contractor  / FM engineer to solve the problem, with a simple change in the air filter being used.

Air filter manufacturers often offer a range of air filters manufactured from “Beverage Board”, (a cardboard often used in the catering industry) as it is a moisture resistant material.  This obviously can offer advantages in a supply air duct, but can still perish over extended periods of high humidity.  Pleated and glass panel air filters manufactured from beverage board typically are available for around double the cost of standard cardboard framed panel filters.

Metal Framed Pleated Panel Filter

Metal Framed Pleated Panel Filter

Airclean offer a Metal Framed Pleated Panel Filter as a robust and trustworthy solution to high humidity air filtration.  Standard G4 Pleated material is sealed into a galvanised steel frame ensuring that the air filter will remain rigid in all circumstances.  In addition a wire mesh is fitted on one side of the panelto ensure the pleated air filter media maintains its shape and integrity offering its maximum efficiency.

The Metal Framed Pleated Panel Filter is a retrofit solution available in all standard and non standard sizes to suit the needs of the application.

Fan Coil Air Filters – Thin with low resistance

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

When space is a premium, but filtration is essential Airclean offer the Rod Framed Air Filter.  This product is the thinnest in Airclean’s  range of framed filters, measuring only 6mm thick.

Fan Coil Filters - The Thin Air Filter

Fan Coil Filters - The Thin Air Filter

Often utilised in Fan Coils, or Air Filter Boxes this thin air filter offers a low grade filtration which offers some protection to either a fan or a heating coil from large particulates.

A rigid construction is created by quality air filter media being stitched over a formed welded rod frame producing a thin filter suitable for filtering medium to large dust particles to grade G2/3 to EN779.

Both disposable and washable versions of this filter are available in any reasonable size.  For more information contact the Airclean Sales Team.

World Cup 2010 – Pubs and Bars are you ready for it?

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010
Sports News - February 04, 2009

With the Fifa World Cup only two weeks away, we are asking if our Pubs and Bars are ready for the surge of football fans coming through their doors.  Some basic filtration checks could help bar staff and chefs keep cool in this busy period.  Here are our top 5.

1. Check all Air Conditioning Filters

– Dirty Air Filters in Air conditioning systems can reduce cooling efficiency and air flow, resulting in hot headed staff and football fans.  Simple replacements of panel filters, or bag filters could keep the hottest of football fans cool during a penalty shootout.

2. Check Kitchen Supply Air Filters

– Kitchen Supply Air is vital to keep chefs cool during service.  Typically Kitchen Supply Filters could be G4 Pleated Panel Filters, ranging up to F6 Bag Filters.  Changing these air filters will allow maximum air intake  making sure that come full time the kitchen will run efficiently under the increased pressure.

3. Check Kitchen Extract Filters

– Kitchen Extract Filters are just as important as the supply air filters, to make sure all hot air has a path to exit the kitchen. Mesh Grease Filters , and Baffle Grease Filters in the kitchen canopy should be checked, and cleaned with a solution such as Airclean Series 500 Grease Filter Cleaning Agent, to ensure air can pass through filters freely.  Also any secondary filters such as panel filters, bag filters, and those all important Charcoal Filters should be inspected for blockages and replaced if necessary.

4. Be Prepared!

– A break down during this period of increased business could be catastrophic so make sure you have your air conditioning companies phone number on hand just in case of an emergency.  If your kitchen is likely to experience a high increase in business, maybe consider a Heated Grease Filter Cleaning Tank, or some spare air filters, to minimise down time, and keep ahead of your maintenance schedule during the World Cup.

5. And Finally – Enjoy It!

– This tournament only comes round once every four years, and is one of the few sporting events that brings England together.  So if you are stuck behind a bar or in a kitchen, make sure you keep one eye on the score, and stay ahead of the game, and enjoy the tournament with your friend and colleagues.

If your bar or pub needs replacement kitchen filters or air conditioning filters ASAP before the world cup, contact our sales team and we will be more than happy to help!

Iceland Volcano Ash and Air Conditioning

Monday, April 19th, 2010
Smoke and lava are seen as a volcano erupts in Eyjafjallajokul

The recent eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull Volcano in Iceland has left aircraft grounded across Europe over fears that particulates in the ash cloud could damage aircraft engines.  As increasing evidence is found of this ash now falling to earth, the World Health Organisation has now warned people with breathing difficulties to remain indoors.

Over the last few days we have now received concerns from customers who are worried about their air movement equipment in offices, data centres,  and leisure complexes.   If there is an increase in airbourne particulates it is likely that they will be drawn into air conditioning systems and could pose issues for coils, fans, heat recovery heat transfers, and other fragile components.

Most Supply Air Systems have two levels of filtration ensuring a breathable quality of air is achieved.  Pre filters such as G3 Glass Panels filters, or G4 Pleated Panel Filters are used to remove large particulates, and secondary filtration is commonly acheived by High Performance Bag Filters, which remove finer particulates.

The majority of any airborne ash particulate being drawn into an air supply system should be captured by the pre filters with any residual particles being collected by the secondary filters.  If there is a significant increase in airborne particulate, air filter life could drastically reduce resulting in loss of airflow, or additional strain on the fan resulting in reduced energy efficiency.

To our clients we advising not to be too concerned at present, but should the volcanic eruption continue for a significant period of time, or if the evidence of falling ash particles continues to increase, you may need to make a filter change sooner than your regular maintenance. To be able to monitor filter performance you may find fitting  a magnehelic guage or an inclined manometer may help.

For more advice or to discuss an emergency filter change, please contact us.

Washable Air Filters

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

In addition Airclean’s Disposable Panel Filters (Fibre Glass Panel Filters, Synthetic Panel Filters, and Pleated Panels), Airclean also manufacture a selection of washable alternatives that can offer Grade 3 and Grade 4 to EN779 Filtration.

Metal Washable Air Filter

Metal Washable Air Filter - G2 to EN779

Metal Washable Filters, offer Grade 2 to EN779 filtration, matching the grade of many Glass Fibre Panel Filters.  Manufactured from galvanised, or stainless steel this rigid filter can be removed, cleaned and re-installed, minimising costs of replacements and spares.

Metal Washable Air Filters can be purchased in any standard or non standard sizes, in either 22mm or 47mm thicknesses.

Polyfoam Washable Air Filter - G4 to EN779

Polyfoam Washable Air Filter - G4 to EN779

The Polyfoam Washable Air Filter offers filtration at G4 to EN779, to match the medium efficiency of standard Pleated Panel Filters.  Once again Polyfoam Washable Air Filters can be cleaned and last several years thus reducing the need for on site spares and additional cost.

To discuss the suitability of these air filters for your application, call a member of out Technical Team on 01622 832777, or by e mail at

Bag and Panel Filter Housings

Thursday, October 1st, 2009
Air Filter Housings

Air Filter Housings

For a simple solution to housing your bag or panel filters in a duct run, Airclean offer the Side Access Casing.

This simple casing utilises the popular MEZ Flange system for easy installation into square ducting, and is manufactured from galvanised steel. The Side Access Case is offered for all standard and non standard filter sizes, and in different multiple filter combinations to meet your requirements. An access door on one side of the filter housing allows for easy access for maintenance and filter changes.

For more information click here to be taken to our main website, or call our sales team on 01622 832777.