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Activated Carbon Filters – Half and Third Discarb Cells

Monday, March 23rd, 2015

An Activated Carbon Discarb Filter offers a compact and convenient solution to mounting Bonded Activated Carbon Panel Filters (sometimes known as biscuits) using a range of filter housings.  A Carbon Discarb Filter Cell can contain up to 12 Bonded Carbon Panels which are sealed into a galvanised steel casing.

Carbon Discarb Filters can be installed into ventilation ductwork using suitable sealing faces or slide rails to ensure that all air passes through the Activated Carbon.  Multiple Filters can be used together to treat any required air volume at any required contact time and ensure a good level of gas removal or odour control.

The industry standard sized Activated Carbon Discarb Filter has always been sized at 597H x 597W x 597Dmm.  This filter contains 12 bonded carbon panel filters and weighs in excess of 55kg.  Due to manual handling restrictions these “Full Size” Carbon Filters pose risks that must be considered when manoeuvring or installing.

To address this issue, we manufacture both a “Half Cell” and a “Third Cell” which can be mounted side by side, to make up an equivalent filter to the industry standard, or as required to meet airflow and contact time requirements.

Our “Half Cells” and “Third Cells” offer a more manageable weight making for safer site installation and handling for our Activated Carbon Filters.

Activated Carbon Discarb Filters - Half and Third Cells

Images showing how “Half Cells” and “Third Cells” can be used together to make up the industry standard filter size of 597Hx597Wx597Dmm overall size.

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Kitchen Extract Odour Control : DEFRA Guidance

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

Kitchen Extract Odour Control Systems

We are often approached by entrepreneurs, architects, consultants and restaurant owners who need to address odour control at the planning stage of opening a new catering establishment.  Odour and nuisance control are a common requirement of local authority environmental health for a new restaurant or take away to gain planning permission.

It is not written in stone what a local authority will deem as acceptable for nuisance control, but most authorities use the DEFRA : Guidance on the Control and Noise from Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems, as an acceptable benchmark for kitchen extract odour control.

This guidance report outlines methods on kitchen extract system design with a specific focus on nuisance control including odour emissions.  The DEFRA Guidance gives precise guidelines for kitchen extract on odour control methods and equipment taking into account the type, size and location of the catering establishment.

The DEFRA guidance is very fair in that it accepts many different forms of odour abatement without prejudice, however it is important that the right choices are made to suit a particular establishment.

Airclean offer a full range of products that can be used on their own or in a combination to offer a complete odour control solution for a kitchen exhaust system  that meets the requirements of the DEFRA Guidance.  We work with clients at the planning stage to select and specify the correct odour control equipment to offer effective odour control whilst meeting the requirements of the local authorities.

Click here to download the DEFRA Guidance on the Control of Odour and Noise from Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems.

For more information on Kitchen Extract Odour Control Systems visit our Kitchen Extract Odour Control Micro Site, or contact our technical sales team on 01622 832777.

Introducing “Nidor” – The Domestic Odour Adsorber

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

Introducing the new convenient odour controller that can be used wherever it is needed, from shoes to car boots it

Domestic Odour Adsorber for bins, shoes, and Laundry Baskets

Domestic Odour Adsorber for bins, shoes, and Laundry Baskets

will absorb even the worst odours. Simply hang, drop, squeeze or stuff the bag wherever you wish to absorb unwanted odours.

Bad smells come from a wide range of sources and can be incredibly annoying for the sufferer. If that is you then The Nidor Odour Absorber could be just what is needed! The pouch is filled with Activated Carbon. During the treatment process charcoal is activated by oxidising gases, creating millions of tiny holes on the face of and inside the charcoal. These holes act like a sponge to passing molecules trapping unwanted smells. The huge surface area of the carbon means that one gram has a surface area of around 500m 2 and makes Nidor: The Odour Absorber incredibly efficient at removing bad smells quickly.

Nidor is small and can be put wherever you need it. Whether that is stuffed in a pair of shoes, placed in bins or hung in cars. It can also be dropped in cupboards, cabinets and drawers and left for long periods of time to prevent stored items from smelling.

Nidor is available to buy online from Airclean Ltd in both single and double packs.

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Kitchen Extract – “Wheel Of Nuisance Control”

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Whilst creating a mailer for our clients, we came up with the “Wheel of Nuisance Control” as an easy to read diagram explaining the various products that Airclean offer for Kitchen Extract, grease, smoke and odour control.

The products in this diagram includes all of the air filters that we manufacture in our Kent factory and the systems that we incorporate them into to offer full nuisance control solutions.

Individual and combinations of the products in the “Wheel of Nuisance Control” can be incorporated into full Kitchen Extract System Designs by contractors, design engineers and consultants to meet the requirements of both the DW172 standard and the DEFRA Guidance on the Control of Odour and Noise for Commercial Kitchens.

Kitchen Extract - Wheel of Nuisance Control

Kitchen Extract - Wheel of Nuisance Control

Need some help with your system design? Our technical sales team are happy to discuss all of our products and work with you on your system design, to meet the needs of the end client.

We manufacture 90% of the solutions available in our Kent factory and have been selling these to market for over 15 years.  We have the solutions and answers you need on all the available technologies so give us a call.

Are you a restaurant owner? If so drop us a line and we will put you in contact with our approved contractors across the country who use the Airclean Product Range who will help you to find the solution you need to run your business.

World Cup 2010 – Pubs and Bars are you ready for it?

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010
Sports News - February 04, 2009

With the Fifa World Cup only two weeks away, we are asking if our Pubs and Bars are ready for the surge of football fans coming through their doors.  Some basic filtration checks could help bar staff and chefs keep cool in this busy period.  Here are our top 5.

1. Check all Air Conditioning Filters

– Dirty Air Filters in Air conditioning systems can reduce cooling efficiency and air flow, resulting in hot headed staff and football fans.  Simple replacements of panel filters, or bag filters could keep the hottest of football fans cool during a penalty shootout.

2. Check Kitchen Supply Air Filters

– Kitchen Supply Air is vital to keep chefs cool during service.  Typically Kitchen Supply Filters could be G4 Pleated Panel Filters, ranging up to F6 Bag Filters.  Changing these air filters will allow maximum air intake  making sure that come full time the kitchen will run efficiently under the increased pressure.

3. Check Kitchen Extract Filters

– Kitchen Extract Filters are just as important as the supply air filters, to make sure all hot air has a path to exit the kitchen. Mesh Grease Filters , and Baffle Grease Filters in the kitchen canopy should be checked, and cleaned with a solution such as Airclean Series 500 Grease Filter Cleaning Agent, to ensure air can pass through filters freely.  Also any secondary filters such as panel filters, bag filters, and those all important Charcoal Filters should be inspected for blockages and replaced if necessary.

4. Be Prepared!

– A break down during this period of increased business could be catastrophic so make sure you have your air conditioning companies phone number on hand just in case of an emergency.  If your kitchen is likely to experience a high increase in business, maybe consider a Heated Grease Filter Cleaning Tank, or some spare air filters, to minimise down time, and keep ahead of your maintenance schedule during the World Cup.

5. And Finally – Enjoy It!

– This tournament only comes round once every four years, and is one of the few sporting events that brings England together.  So if you are stuck behind a bar or in a kitchen, make sure you keep one eye on the score, and stay ahead of the game, and enjoy the tournament with your friend and colleagues.

If your bar or pub needs replacement kitchen filters or air conditioning filters ASAP before the world cup, contact our sales team and we will be more than happy to help!

How long does an Activated Carbon Filter Last?

Saturday, August 8th, 2009
Activated Carbon FIlter

Activated Carbon Filter

It is extremely difficult to calculate in advance the life expectancy of an Activated Carbon Filter. Generally speaking, accurate information regarding concentration and details of all contaminants in the airstream are not available and in any case these are often constantly changing.

However, reasonably accurate life expectancy levels can be obtained by a method known as CTC testing which is offered FREE OF CHARGE by Airclean. Either a small sample of carbon from one of the cells, or a complete panel, sealed in a plastic bag, should be returned to us together with the date of installation, and the grade / type of carbon.

From this information the contamination level will be assessed in our laboratory, which will indicate the likely remaining useful life of the carbon. This testing service takes around two weeks before results are available.

If it is not possible for you to get a sample of Activated Carbon from your exisiting filter, or if it is a new installation, Airclean can supply a “Carbon Test Sample Kit” including a Small Carbon Panel and mounting frame, which can be installed between your pre filter and Activated carbon filter. Following no less than three months of operation this can then be returned to us for Free CTC testing, and the results will give you an accurate life span of your Carbon Filter.

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Kitchen Extract Solutions from Airclean

Monday, May 4th, 2009

Kitchen Extract Solutions

Kitchen Extracts in commercial kitchens are designed to provide operatives with a safe and comfortable working environment.
To achieve this, the by products of cooking must be removed from the cooking area including heat, humidity, grease, smoke and odour.

These are removed from the cooking area by the kitchen extract and are usually discharged outside of the building. This discharge point can be at high level, but is often at low level, and in an area where the products of discharge can cause a nuisance.

It is increasingly common for establishments to take responsibility for the discharge of the nuisance caused by the products of cooking. When prospective entrepreneurs seek planning advice from local authorities to open a new restaurant, demands will often be made of them to offer grease, smoke and odour control.

Airclean have been successfully manufacturing highly effective products for Kitchen Extracts at its Kent based Factory for over fifteen years. These products include Baffle, Mesh, HEPA, and Activated Carbon filters to control grease, smoke and odour emissions from kitchens minimizing any impact they have on their surroundings.

Airclean have now increased their product range to include some new alternatives which are being sought out by installers, restaurant owners, designers, and the local authority. These products include UV Ozone Technology, Electrostatic Precipitators, and Atomising Odour Maskers / Neutralisers to deal with the nuisances.

These new products can offer many benefits to the extract designer for both the new installations, and retrofit situations including, size, weight, air resistance, capital and revenue costs along with environmental benefits, and they are being included to compliment the classic products that Airclean have always manufactured.

The classic 2, 3 and 4 Stage Kitchavent Filtration Systems are ever increasing in its popularity as a simple all-in-one solution incorporating grease, smoke and odour control, and to enhance this further, a new product is also being launched, the Kitchen Extract Air Handling Unit.

The Kitchen Extract Air Handling Unit utilises Activated Carbon and HEPA filtration technology from the Kitchavent, combining this with a fan and attenuator, all mounted within a double skinned aluminium pentapost box to offer the complete kitchen extract system.

All of the products mentioned are now available from Airclean, and further information and selection aids can be found online, or by making a request for our new brochure “Kitchen Extract Solutions”, which outlines the technical details of all of the products in the Airclean Kitchen Extract Range.