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Particle Size Comparison in Microns

Particle Size Comparison in Microns
Jaime Graymead
May 26, 2020

TECHNICAL BULLETIN: Particle Size Comparison in Microns
Date: 12th May 2020

The following chart is a generalised summary of particle sizes that are encountered in both indoor and outdoor environments in microns. This chart can be used as guidance in the selection of air filters.

Particle Size Comparison Chart in Microns - Air Filters

Air Quality – Gases (Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide etc.)

Gases are not particulates, and thus are not shown on this chart. Some of the generic terms on this chart such
as Diesel / Petrol Exhaust, Smog, and Tobacco Smoke, will often contain odours and harmful gases that need
to be removed alongside the particulate. For the removal of gases such as Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide,
and odours, please contact the technical team for detailed advice. T – 01622 832777

Corona Virus (Covid 19)

This chart has been available as a technical bulletin for many years, but has been revamped in April 2020
amidst the corona virus pandemic as part of the Airclean information suite for the understanding of Corona Virus
and filtration. If you require further information on filtration for Corona Virus (Covid 19) please contact the
technical team for further advice for your application. T – 01622 832777