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Air Pressurisation Unit

Air Pressurisation Unit
Jaime Graymead
September 21, 2016

Air Pressurisation Unit

– Fan Filter Unit for offering a clean air supply to a small enclosed area.
– Speed Controller incorperated for varied air volume.
– Comes complete with H14 HEPA Cassette Filter for fitting in false ceiling.
– 3m Flexible ductwork connection included.


Airclean’s Air Pressurisation Unit is supplied in kit form to offer a solution to positively pressurising small rooms with filtered air.
The Air Pressurisation Kit comes complete with the following items:
– Fan Air Handling Unit
– Adjustable Speed Controller
– F5 Bag Pre Filter
– Flexible Duct Connection
– H14 HEPA Cassette Filter


The Air Handling Unit is a single skinned galvanised steel unit housing a direct drive centruifugal forward curved fan, and F5 Grade Bag Pre Filter. A fully adjustable speed controller is mounted to the side of the Air Handling Unit allowing the user to adjust the output volume of air to the HEPA Filter and into the room to be pressurised.

The HEPA cassette filter is manufactured with a spigot to the rear, and a white powder coated grille offering a sealed and contained HEPA filter solution that can be mounted in a false ceiling. The HEPA filter cassette is a completely disposable unit and can simply be swapped out at the end of its life.


Airflow Operating Range: Up to 0.32m3/s
Flexible Connection: 3m long, 300mm Diameter
Pat Certified
1.2m IEC Lead
Single Phase 240V, 50Hz Operation, Max Current Rating 6A

Filter Selection Tables

Airclean manufacture both Standard and Non Standard Air Filters.
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