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EMAQ+ Online Odour Risk Assessment

EMAQ+ Online Odour Risk Assessment
Jaime Graymead
July 1, 2024

Online Risk Assessment for Odour in Kitchen Extracts

Risk Assessment for Odour is scored by ranking an establishment using the following form and using it in conjunction with the EMAQ+ guideance, system designers can obtain odour control equipment suggestions based on their score. With this information and a duty airflow, airclean will assist you in creating a specification for your Kitchen Exhaust Odour Control System.

EMAQ+ “Control of Odour and Noise from Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems” is often used by local authority Environmental Health Officers as a basis of odour mitigation for restaurants seeking change of use, or planning consent.


Risk Assessment for Odour Control Form

The following Risk Assessment for Odour control form will lead our technical team to make an initial selection of Odour Control Equipment that may be suitable for use in your catering establishment. Should you have any questions please call the sales team for assistance on 01622 832777.