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HEPA Cassette Filters H10 to H14 to EN779

HEPA Cassette Filters H10 to H14 to EN779
Jaime Graymead
May 21, 2019

HEPA Cassette Filters H10 to H14 to EN779

– Spigotted Air Filter for direct link to fan
– Water Repellent Paper
– DOP Scan Tested
– Integral Grille
– Individually Tested
– Can be insulated


The Cassette (HEPA) filter offers an economical method of installing a HEPA Filter into a Cleanroom, offering an alternative to the HEPA Terminal Housing.  The Cassette HEPA Filter can also be used to create a Laminar Flow Cabinet or a specific application with the minimum of engineering.

Applications include clean rooms, operating theatres, research facilities, the electronic and micro-electronic industries, nuclear and pharmaceutical industries and high speed turbines.


The HEPA Cassette Filter ensures it yields only clean filtered air from the filter face when connected to a duct system or fan via its spigot connection on the rear of the filter.  This is without the concerns of clamping pressures, gasket seals and the quality of the sealing mating face, associated with the traditional Terminal Housing.  Once connected, only filtered air can leave the filter, as it has been factory tested and the cassette casing is the integral case of the HEPA filter as well.

The HEPA Cassette Filter can have either a knife edge seal, or alternatively a flanged seal complete with neoprene gasket.  As standard a white powder coated grille is incorporated into the face of the filter to offer good mechanical protection to the HEPA filter pack.

The filter pack is sealed within the HEPA Cassette and has a 300mm overall depth providing a suitable plenum behind the filter for air distribution.

The overall size of the HEPA Cassette Filter can be reduced to 145mm, by utilising a mini pleat filter pack, and in a few specifically engineered designs the traditional 292mm pack can be used giving an overall height of 500mm for the cassette.


HEPA Cassette Filters can be provided to efficiencies and performance as shown below:

GradeOverall EfficiencyLocal Value EfficiencySuggested for ISO 14644 : 1999
H1299.5%ISO Class 8
H1399.95%99.75%ISO Class 6
H1499.995%99.975%ISO Class 5
U1599.9995%99.9975%ISO Class 4

References are typically:

AA/H14/FL/GR/CASS   for an aluminium cased, Aluminium separator grade H14 and a 20mm flange with a white powder coated grille.

AA/H13/K/CASS    for an aluminium cased, Aluminium separator grade H13 and a 40mm knife edge protruding below the filter pack.


A simple damper can be installed in the neck of the spigot for flow adjustment.

DOP Insertion Points can be added into the plenum of the cassette to facilitate DOP to be introduced into the filter for In-situ leak testing

Pressure tapping points can be included in the cassette for measuring upstream filter pressure.

Filter Selection Tables

DescriptionPart Number
HEPA Cassette1513107 Call 01622 832777
HEPA Cassette1513108 Call 01622 832777
HEPA Cassette1513109 Call 01622 832777
HEPA Cassette1513110 Call 01622 832777
HEPA Cassette1513111 Call 01622 832777
HEPA Cassette1513112 Call 01622 832777
DescriptionPart Number
HEPA Cassette1513101 Call 01622 832777
HEPA Cassette1513102 Call 01622 832777
HEPA Cassette1513103 Call 01622 832777
HEPA Cassette1513104 Call 01622 832777
HEPA Cassette1513105 Call 01622 832777
HEPA Cassette1513106 Call 01622 832777
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