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ULPA Filters – U15, U16 Grade

ULPA Filters – U15, U16 Grade
Jaime Graymead
January 30, 2018

ULPA Filters – U15, U16 Grade

– Water Repellent Paper
– DOP Scan Tested
– Metal Casings
– Individually Tested
– Liquid Seal designs available


The ULPA Filter range is usually used within Cleanrooms for high end micro electronic applications.

ULPA Filters are usually associated with ISO Class 3 of ISO 14644.

The ULPA Filter will usually be combined with a liquid seal channel sealing system rather than the conventional closed cell gaskets.


ULPA Filters consist of a coated graduated continuously spun glass filament in a pad form, contained within either a rigid cardboard casing, or a cardboard frame with perforated cap-punch grids. Stiffening bars can be provided if required.

A scrim backing can be supplied on the outlet face for special applications.

Our method of manufacture for this style of filter utilises modern hot melt adhesive techniques, which produce an extremely rigid and robust product.


Efficiencies of U15 and U16 to EN1822-4:2000
Max Operating Temperature 120C
Max Humidity – Aluminium Spacers 100% RH – no free moisture

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