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Atomising Odour Neutraliser for Kitchen Extract Systems

Atomising Odour Neutraliser for Kitchen Extract Systems
Jaime Graymead
March 15, 2021

The Atomising Odour Neutraliser is now discontinued.
Contact the Airclean Sales Team on 01622 832 777 to discuss alternative odour control solutions.

Atomising Odour Neutraliser for Kitchen Extract Systems

– Odour neutralisation for peak odour loads in Kitchen Extract Systems
– Agent injection into Airstream
– Easily Retrofitted to Canopies
– No pressure Differentials
– Masking and Neutraliser Agents Available


The Atomising Odour Neutraliser is designed to assist other odour reduction control methods in Kitchen Extract Systems, at those periods when the cooking loads exceed the design point, e.g. at peak loads.

The Atomising Odour Neutraliser can be easily retrofitted next to duct work with minimal additional strain to existing fans, for effective cooking odour reduction, neutralisation, or masking.


The Atomising Odour Neutraliser is installed adjacent to the Kitchen Extract duct at a point where regular user servicing can be accommodated, and at a point near to the discharge. A delivery tube feeds the neutralizing mist into the duct from the unit where it will mix and act upon cooking odours generated within the commercial kitchen.

The Atomising Unit is housed within a robust stainless steel box, which also contains a reservoir of neutralising agent. The Atomising Odour Neutraliser, in addition to the usual on / off, has a sensor for automatic control which activates the injection of the odour control agent when the Kitchen Extract system is turned on. An LCD display informs the user of good operation, failed operation, low level in reservoir, and an automatic cut off in the event of an empty reservoir which protects the atomising equipment.

Combined with fine filtration the Atomising Odour Neutraliser can meet the minimum requirements of local authority and the DEFRA guidance on the control of odour and nuisance from catering establishments. For more details on how to achieve satisfactory odour control in Kitchen Extract systems contact our sales team.


Supply: 240V Single Phase 50Hz
Dosing: User Adjustable
Operation Display: LCD
Reservoir: 5 Litre
Fitting: Negative Air Pressure Side of the Fan

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