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Activated Carbon Discarb Cells - Odour Control

Activated Carbon Discarb Cell, Odour Control

~ Highest Carbon Loading in Airclean Range
~ Coconut Shell Based Activated Carbon
~ Effective odour and gas control
~ Free Carbon Testing Service (CTC Testing)
~ Strong Galvanised Steel Cases
~ Minimised Air Leakage for Maximum Odour Control
~ Compact Design
~ Large Air Capacity


The Activated Carbon Filter can be utilised for odour reduction, or gas control.

Used in conjunction with the Airclean Kitchavent System, Air Handling Units, or other fully sealed air filter housings, Activated Carbon Cells offer effective and practical odour or gas reduction in industrial and commercial applications.

Typical applications for Airclean Activated Carbon Cells include Kitchen Extract Odour Control, Commercial Food Manufacture, Laboratory supply and extract systems, Office Air Supply, VOC control in health institutes.

Activated Carbon Discarbs offer a practical solution for controlling gases and odours in airflows from 0.1m3/s up to 10m3/s + .


Metal cased Activated Carbon Filter cells have the highest carbon loading in our range, and use either standard or Extra Duty carbon panels permanently sealed into a galvanised sheet steel casing, for a compact and simple solution to odour control.

This construction of each Carbon Discarb Cell gives a strong unit capable of removing odours from large air volumes at the required contact times for systems. (Contact us for contact time details depending on your odour)

The advantage of the Airclean Activated Carbon Filter Cell is that the carbon panels are sealed in, meaning there is no possibility of air leakage, resulting in odour leakage.

The Activated Carbon Filter Cell can be manufactured to almost any reasonable size, the limiting factors being the overall weight for handling purposes and the size of individual panels.


Max Temperature 40 C
Max Humidity 80% RH
Please Note Cell Weights
Nominal to Actual Size: less 12mm on H,W and Depth

To find out more information on Carbon Filter Selection, System Design, Adsorbtion Effectivenss Agaist Specific Gases read the below data sheet, or contact our technical sales team - 01622 832777, sales@airclean.co.uk

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