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Spray Booth Filters

Spray Booth Filters
Jaime Graymead
September 4, 2018

Spray Booth Filters

Paint Arrestor is a spray booth filter used as a primary overspray filter in spray booths for cars, furniture and other items. This dry glass fibre filter media is used in spray booths to catch wet and dry over spray. This can be used with the Airclean Pad Frame System and Front Withdrawal Frame to create a large area of filters across the extract of the spray booth. Alternatively this may be stretched and “clipped” into position.

Spray Booth Filter Paint Arrestor - stop

For use in spray booths for cars, furniture, and other products where dry and wet paints, lacquers and varnishes are used. Secondary Synthetic Filter Media should be used as a secondary filter after a primary overspray filter such as a Cardboard Concertina Filter, or Glass Paint Arrestor Media. The secondary filter is designed to capture fine spray to protect ducting and fans prior to air discharge.

Secondary spray booth blue white filter media

The Binks Bullows Spray Booth Filter is used for commercial spray booths for removing the bulk of wet and dry over spray from within the booth prior to secondary filtration.

Cardboard Concertina spray booth filters can be used with any paint, varnishing or lacquer spraying applications for cars, furniture, or other products.

spray booth filter cardboard concertina binks bullows

Spray Booth Ceiling / intake Filters are a synthetic media to grade M5 to EN779 which is backed with a rubber scrim. these spray booth filters are usually positioned in the ceiling of car spray booths where supply air is being pushed into the booth above the vehicle. The medium grade of air filter and the rubber backing minimise the risk of airborne particulates entering the booth and damaging the paint work.