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Activated Carbon Life Testing Service and Test Cell

Activated Carbon Life Testing Service and Test Cell
April 13, 2023

Activated Carbon Life Testing

It is extremely difficult to calculate in advance the life expectancy of an Activated Carbon Filter. Firstly as detailed information of contaminants are unknown and always changing.

Therefore, to get a good estimation of the expected life of an Activated Carbon Filter in a Kitchen Exhaust, or other gaseous extract application, Airclean offer a free CTC Testing Service.

Either a small sample of Activated Carbon from one of the cells, or a complete panel that has been in service, can be sent to our laboratory and with a few additional details such as installation date and daily usage we can determine the likely remaining useful life of the carbon cell.

Activated Carbon Life Testing Cell

For those instances when it is not possible to return a sample of Activated Carbon back to us for the free testing service, we manufacture a test cell. The Activated Carbon Life Expectancy Test Cell offers a simple method of testing the life expectancy of a Carbon Filter already in situ.

The test cell comes complete with a holding frame that can easily be installed into the duct run between the pre-filters and the Activated Carbon Discarbs or Panels. An Activated Carbon Panel is supplied with the kit, and can then be slotted into the frame.

Following a pre-determined period of time (usually 1-2 months) the Carbon Panel can then be returned to Airclean for the Free CTC testing Service and a report can then be supplied.