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Personal Monitoring

Personal Monitoring
October 13, 2016

Personal Air Monitoring should be carried out as part of required legislation for the Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH). Where known hazardous substances are being used exposure limits to individuals must be measured to ensure they are not being exceeded.

Hazards may include gases or airborne particulates.

How Does it Work?

A personal monitoring kit is attached to employees who are at risk, usually for the duration of a working day. Samples taken from the monitoring are tested in a laboratory to identify hazardous materials and the exposure level of that employee.

Do I need to carry out personal air monitoring?

Personal Air Monitoring is usually only required in factories or work places where a process is being carried out, and a known hazardous substance is being used. The requirement is is part of your health and safety risk assessment.

Personal air monitoring can be carried out in any environment as an educational tool to determine personal exposure to any airborne gas or particulate. The results of such a test can give a guidance on the improvement of indoor air quality which can lead to health problems for building occupants.