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Jaime Graymead
August 2, 2016
  • Polyfoam Washable Filter Media – Grading Infographic October 16, 2018

    Polyfoam Washable Air Filter Media offers a re usable and resilient solution for the filtration of coarse to medium size particulates in air.  Polyurethane Air Filter Foam is made up of a micro porous structure, allowing it to capture particulates of varying sizes through a range of efficiencies.

    Polyfoam is not tested against the typical filtration standards, but instead is graded against its pore density in “Pores per inch” or “PPI”.  To help our customers distinguish the differences between these densities, we have produced a new info graphic:

    20ppi polyfoam washable filter media will provide adequate protection to computing components from general household dust or is often used to protect air conditioning chillers.  Towards the other end of the grading range, 45ppi polyfoam media has the capacity to catch smaller particulate matter and is often compared to G4 filters in the EN779 grading system, and is used where there is a requirement for a higher quality or air.

    When selecting an air filter grade, resistance to airflow should always be carefully considered to ensure the desired flow rate through the filter media is achieved.  Low grade polyfoam materials such as 20 and 30 PPI offer a low resistance allowing for maximum airflow through the filter, whereas 45 and 60 PPI have a significantly higher pressure drops and need a more powerful fan to maintain good airflow through the filter.

    For more information on our polyfoam sheets and cut pads click here

    Call our sales team on 01622 832 777 or Email us on Sales@airclean.co.uk

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  • New Risk Assessment for Kitchen Odour June 26, 2018

    We are making it simpler to assess your odour control needs with our new risk assessment form for restaurants and commercial kitchens. This form shows all the necessary information our technical team need to make an initial selection of Odour Control Equipment that may be suitable for use in your catering establishment.

    By providing contact details and answering four simple multiple-choice questions about your kitchen:

    • Air dispersion and discharge
    • Proximity of receptors
    • Size of kitchen
    • Cooking type (for odour and grease)

    Airclean will score your establishment in conjunction with DEFRAs guide. With this information and a duty airflow, Airclean will assist you in creating a specification for your Kitchen Exhaust Odour Control System.

    DEFRA’s “Guidance on the Control of Odour and Noise from Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems” is oftern used by local authority Environmental Health Officers as a basis of odour mitigation for restaurants seeking change of use, or planning consent.

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  • Updated: The Specification for Kitchen Ventilation Systems (DW/172) From BESA January 30, 2018

    The awaited new revision of “The Specification for Kitchen Ventilation Systems (DW/172)”  from BESA (The Building Engineering Services Association) was officially launched earlier this month (January 2018).  The DW/172 is the industries go to guide for kitchen ventilation design and sets the benchmark for safe and effective ventilation in commercial kitchens.

    The new revised DW/172 Specification has promised many updates since the previous 2005 version in the following key areas.

    • An updated coefficient schedule for use when determining the extract duty of a canopy.
    • A greatly needed new section on solid fuel equipment.
    • An updated lighting section.
    • A new section on “demand controlled” kitchen ventilation, which addresses increasing the use of smart technologies to aid energy efficiency in the commercial kitchen.
    • Updates in pollution control for the kitchen, including addressing the indoor air quality of the kitchen.
    • A new section on re circulation ventilation.
    • Changes and updates to cleaning and maintenance requirements of the kitchen ventilation systems.

    Whilst not suggested as a key area, there have been updates in regards to grease smoke and odour control filtration in the new DW/172.

    Airclean Kitchen Extract Filtration products, including Grease Filters (Seperators), Activated Carbon Filters, HEPA Filters (E10), Ozone Systems and Electrostatic Precipitators on their own or in combinations to meet the requirments of DW/172 and aid the removal of Grease, Smoke and Odour in commercial kitchen extracts.

    Click here to read the BESA News post about the DW/172 Revision.

    Click Here to Read more about Commercial Kitchen, Grease, Smoke and Odour Control from Airclean.

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  • Merry Christmas from Airclean December 5, 2017

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    Airclean will close at 5pm on Thursday 21st December 2017 and will reopen on Wednesday 3rd January 2018.

    Where you have deliveries that you require before the Christmas break please get them into us as soon as possible and speak to the sales team if you have any specific requirements.

    Don’t forget those early January orders, we are already programming our schedules for our first weeks back!

    Finally we would like to say a big thank you to all of our customers and suppliers who we have worked with this year.

    Any problems, or if you need items by a certain date, please contact us.
    Tel: 01622 832777, email: sales@airclean.co.uk

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  • How to measure your canopy Mesh Grease Filters October 4, 2017

    Mesh Grease Filter Measuring Guide

    1. Use a good tape measure
    2. Measure all three dimensions in mm (millimetres)
    3. Write down the sizes
    4. Measure all of your mesh grease filters – you never know, one might be a different size
    5. Don’t forget to count how many filters you need.
    6. Give us a call for our best prices –   01622 832777

    (If you struggle with mm, and would prefer to measure in inches this is fine too.)

    measuring kitchen mesh grease filters

    Standard Kitchen Mesh Type Grease Filters

    The following mesh grease filters are our standard sizes.  We generally keep these sizes in stock for quick delivery.

    If you can’t find your size on the list below then give us a call, you probably need custom mesh grease filters made specially for you!

    Our Standard Mesh Grease Filters are made from galvanised steel and come with handles and drain holes.  Our quality mesh grease filters are long lasting and robust.

    kitchen canopy mesh grease filters
    SizeAirflow (m3/s)P.D. (Pa)Price
    ex. VAT
    Part Number
    OT InchesActual (mm)
    10 x 10 x 2242 x 242 x 470.1530£24.521310201
    12 x 12 x 2292 x 292 x 470.2130£27.731310202
    15 x 15 x 2369 x 369 x 470.3430£33.381310203
    16 x 16 x 2394 x 394 x 470.3930£33.381310204
    18 x 9 x 2445 x 216 x 470.2430£33.381310205
    18 x 18 x 2445 x 445 x 470.530£36.281310206
    20 x 10 x 2495 x 242 x 470.330£30.141310207
    20 x 16 x 2495 x 394 x 470.4930£36.281310208
    20 x 20 x 2495 x 495 x 470.6130£41.761310209
    25 x 16 x 2623 x 394 x 470.6130£45.301310210
    25 x 20 x 2623 x 495 x 470.7730£46.591310211
    24 x 24 x 2597 x 597 x 470.8930£49.961310212
    SizeAirflow (m3/s)P.D. (Pa)Price
    ex. VAT
    Part Number
    OT InchesActual (mm)
    10 x 10 x 1242 x 242 x 220.1525£21.611310101
    12 x 12 x 1292 x 292 x 220.2125£22.881310102
    15 x 15 x 1369 x 369 x 220.3425£26.761310103
    16 x 16 x 1394 x 394 x 220.3925£26.761310104
    18 x 9 x 1445 x 216 x 220.2425£26.761310105
    18 x 18 x 1445 x 445 x 220.525£30.321310106
    20 x 10 x 1495 x 242 x 220.325£24.201310107
    20 x 16 x 1495 x 394 x 220.4925£30.321310108
    20 x 20 x 1495 x 495 x 220.6125£34.841310109
    25 x 16 x 1623 x 394 x 220.6125£38.681310110
    25 x 20 x 1623 x 495 x 220.7725£40.291310111
    24 x 24 x 1597 x 597 x 220.8925£45.441310112

    Want to order?  Can’t find your size – Give our helpful team a call! 01622 832777

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