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Jaime Graymead
August 3, 2020
  • Ducted Options for H14 HEPA Air Purifier August 3, 2020

    Negative Pressure Room – Safe Discharge
    The Airclean H14 HEPA Air Purifier can be supplied with a ducted outlet to the top of the unit. This allows the unit to be set up to discharge through a wall, or window creating a negative pressure. This function can be used in hospitals or carehomes to prevent infection spread, whilst ensuring the discharged air is safe.

    HEPA Clean Air for Fan Coil AC Systems
    The H14 HEPA Air Purifier can also be mounted in a room and ducted to supply fresh clean air to the back of existing fan coil air conditioning. The fan in the Air Purifier allows the system to be balanced, allowing existing fan coil fans, to handle the strain.

    H14 HEPA Air Purifier / Air Cleaner - True HEPA + Activated Carbon
    H14 HEPA Air Purifier / Air Cleaner - True HEPA + Activated Carbon
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  • Clogged Up Grease Filters? July 12, 2020

    Does your Grease Filter look like this?

    Kitchen Canopy Grease Filters that work efficiently will get clogged up with grease…. that’s what they have been designed to do.  By capturing and removing grease from the air stream, they are cleaning the air and reducing hazardous grease build up in the ventilation extract system.

    Routine cleaning of your Mesh or Baffle Type Kitchen Grease Filters will not only ensure a good extraction air flow and a cool head for the chef and cooking team, but reduce fire risk in the kitchen.

    Airclean Grease Filter Replacement and Cleaning Solutions

    1. Cleaning your Mesh or Baffle Type Grease Filters

    Mesh and Baffle Grease filters should be cleaned regularly using suitable equipment and cleaning products to reduce fire risk, improve hygiene and guarantee airflow.

    Check out our Grease Filter Cleaning Tanks and Crystals for help with your cleaning regime.  Click Here to see Grease Filter Cleaning Tanks

    For more information on our full kitchen duct work cleaning service to TR/19 Standards Click Here.

    2. Replacing your Mesh or Baffle Type Grease Filters

    A Mesh or Baffle Grease Filter will inevitably need replacing at some point, and when that time comes Airclean manufacture both Mesh and Baffle Type Grease Filters in Galvanised and Stainless Steel.  Made in our UK factory, we ensure a high grease removal efficiency and a long lasting product.

    Click here for our guide on how to measure your kitchen canopy grease filters

    Click Here to view more information on our Mesh or Baffle Type Kitchen Canopy Grease Filters

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  • H14 HEPA Air Purifier – Now Available in All White July 12, 2020

    Responding to demand from clinics, surgeries, and laboratories we now offer the Airclean H14 HEPA Air Purifier in an all white, high gloss finish.

    It has become apparent that an all white finish would be more in keeping with the surroundings and expectations of occupants of medical settings

    The Airclean H14 HEPA Air Purifier cleans the air to a tested HEPA efficiency of 99.997% at 0.3 microns, with the ability to remove particulates down to 0.1 micron.

    In a medical setting such as a clinic, laboratory, or dental / doctors surgery the Airclean HEPA Air Purifier can be used to recirculate and clean the air or vented to outside creating a negative pressure space, both of which can help lower the risks of spreading airborne infection.

    The original Grey H14 HEPA Air Purifier is still the default and stocked option, which is manufactured from a durable plastic coated steel with a leatherette finish, which we believe is more styled for offices, and domestic uses.

    White HAP500
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  • Airclean Online Ventilation Tool Box July 12, 2020

    Have you seen our Online Tool Box, which is full of useful online calculators and converters?  We developed the Ventilation Tool Box originally for our sales engineers, and now we have made it available for free on our website.

    We are always open to adding to the Tool Box, so we encourage our customers, suppliers, and colleagues in the heating and ventilation industry to make any useful suggestions for what we might be able to add next.

    The Airclean Ventilation Tool Box currently consists of:

    Volumetric Flow Rate Converter
    A conversion tool to change air volumes into other volumetric units.

    Volume Air Flow Calculator
    Calculates an air volume based air speed and duct size (circular and rectangular)

    Air Change Rate Calculator
    Helps to calculate the number of air changes in a room based on a flow rate and room size.

    Pressure Converter
    A conversion tool that changes inches water gauge into Pascals.

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  • H14 HEPA Air Purifier Air Changes Calculator June 25, 2020

    With our product launch of the updated H14 HEPA Air Purifier, we have worked hard to provide clear information to our customers.

    It is important to work out the air change rate for an air purifier, in order to know how many times the air in a room is getting cleaned. Air change rates can be calculated with the airflow duty of the air cleaner and size of the room.

    We wanted a simple solution to allow our customers to check and calculate air change rates , so we developed an Air Change Calculator with the options for HAP500 and HAP675. The calculator will dynamically change as you enter the information to quickly get results of different room sizes and units.

    For context of the H14 HEPA Air Purifier air flow rates:

    • HAP500 has a rated airflow of 500m3/s (excluding activated carbon filter)
    • HAP675 has a rated airflow of 675m3/s (excluding activated carbon filter)
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