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Jaime Graymead
August 3, 2020

    APRIL 2020 – Airclean Production remains operational with a limited capacity.

    Any enquiries please contact the sales team.

    Sales Team: 01622 832777

    Over the past few weeks we have been involved in a few rapid turnaround NHS projects,  where we have had to manufacture and supply Fan and Filter (incl. HEPA) systems for use in new Isolation Wards. 

    At all times, our priority is the health and safety of our staff.  We have enforced home working where possible, and an increased level of hygiene and social distancing within the factory environment.

    Lead Times – Whilst we are prioritising critical manufacture, we still have capacity.  Please contact the sales team to discuss your requirements.

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  • Airclean Christmas Gift 2019 December 4, 2019

    Airclean’s 2019 Christmas Gift

    Every year we like to send out a little something to our customers to say THANK YOU for all the work we have done this year and wish them a Merry Christmas.

    This year we thought we would send something that would help people get into the Christmas mood by adding something festive to their desk.

    We have designed a flat pack reindeer trophy. Just pop the pieces from the holder and follow the included instructions or the video above to assemble.

    You can hang it as a decoration with a bit of string or use the included mount to stand it on your desk as a desk ornament.

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  • Air Pollution Filters for Schools June 10, 2019

    As concerns about Air Quality in schools we are often asked about Pollution Air Filters and Pollution Reduction Solutions that can work in schools to reduce children’s exposure to air pollution.

    We test air quality both outside and inside buildings including public spaces, offices, homes, and schools.  Airclean’s basic Air Quality Tests measure levels of Particulate Matter (PM10 and PM2.5), Nitrogen Dioxide (NOx), and VOCs, which are all products of air pollution often caused by vehicles.  As part of a basic air quality test we also  measure Carbon Dioxide which gives an indication of fresh air supply in a building.

    Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery Unit (MVHR) with filtration

    Outside of the school in areas such as playgrounds it is difficult to protect the children from vehicle pollutants.  However we see opportunities and ideas that can be incorporated in playground design to improve the ingress of pollution via barriers / fences, enclosed areas and potentially filtered enclosures.

    Inside the class room controlling pollution is much easier and Pollution Air Filter Technology can be used to reduce Particulate Matter and Harmful Gases to safe levels and Airclean offer a complete range of Pollution Filter Solutions that can work inside the classroom.

    Case Study

    Installation of a Pollution Air Filter System to Protect Children and Employees in a South London Nursery School located on a Busy Road.

    Airclean were approached by a South London Nursery School to help design a scheme to protect children and employees from the potential ingress of outdoor pollution being brought into the building. The Nursery School was located on a busy road with both NOx levels and Particulate Matter Levels that exceeded target limit concentrations from the local authority.  Airclean helped achieve good air quality using recirculating and filtered supply air systems to achieve good levels of air quality within the school rooms.

    Call the sales team to discuss your Air Pollution Filter Requirements click here to view the Airclean Range of IAQ Filtration Systems and Pollution Air Filters.

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  • Heated Grease Filter Cleaning Tanks – Improvements and Updates June 5, 2019

    Airclean offer Heated Cleaning Tanks which offer commercial kitchens a method of cleaning their Mesh or Baffle Grease Filters. We are continuously improving this product, based on client suggestions. The success of the product has been increasing exponentially as some larger restaurant chains adopt the use of this convenient cleaning tank.

    On these recommendations we have introduced a new size Heated Cleaning Tank which is shorter and wider than the original. To differentiate the two sizes of Cleaning Tank, we have called the original tank the “Alpha” and the new size tank the “Bravo”. Both tanks still use the same heating elements, contain all the same features and are priced the same as each other.

    Cleaning Tank- May 19 - Alpha Bravo
    Cleaning Tank – Alpha
    Usable Tank Size
    Overall Size : 840H x 245W x 830Dmm

    Max Capacity:
    3x 600x600x47mm Grease Filters

    Cleaning Tank – Bravo
    Usable Tank Size
    Overall Size: 650H x 325W x 815Dmm

    Max Capacity:
    3x 600x400x47mm & 2x 600x450x47mm Grease Filters

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  • Airclean Grease Filter Cleaning Crystals March 26, 2019

    Cleaning Crystals 001

    Grease build up is something that can not be prevented in commercial kitchens. Periodically scraping away at the problem is a lot of hard work. Airclean Series 500 Grease Filter Cleaning Crystals will efficiently break down oil, grease and carbon build up in your kitchen and give you a helping hand in your Restaurant Kitchen.

    The Series 500 Grease Filter Cleaning Crystals will allow staff to effectively and hygienically clean grease filters, grills and cooking trays, saving hours of work. The Grease Filter Cleaning Crystals are most effective when used at a high temperature, ideally in Airclean’s Heated Grease Filter Cleaning Tank, where the crystals are at the their most active.

    The Series 500 Grease Filter Cleaning Crystals are ideal for all types of catering business and are used in cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels, replacing the need for someone to scrub away at grease build up for hours.  The Crystals will last for several weeks without their efficiency dropping and so not only will you save on labour costs, but you won’t be spending money on detergents and materials either!

    The Series 500 Grease Filter Cleaning Crystals really are the perfect solution for cleaning your filters, what’s more is that 5kg tubs are available for next day delivery and can be purchased on a credit card over the phone, or on our website.

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