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Bin Store Ventilation c/w Air Filtration System

Bin Store Ventilation c/w Air Filtration System
June 23, 2023

A solution to odour controlled mechanical ventilation for bin / refuse stores.

  • A Solution to mechanical ventilation in Bin / Refuse Stores
  • Includes Particulate and Gas Filtration for the reduction of nuisance odours.
  • Speed Controllable EC Fan included.
  • Double Skinned and Insulated Pentapost Construction offering a low noise solution.
  • Can be used as part of a nuisance mitigation solution for local authority / environmental health requirements for new bin / refuse stores.


Bin / refuse Stores require sufficient bin store ventilation to minimise the build-up of gases and odours which arise from rotting waste and bacteria.

By ventilating a bin store appropriately, the environment is improved for users of the bin store, and potential odour nuisance issues for local residents can be avoided.

Where natural ventilation is insufficient, or not an option, the Airclean Bin Store Filtration System offers a Fan + Filter Solution for extracting air removing harmful particulates and gases before discharging the air to atmosphere.

The Bin Store Filtration System can be installed inside the bin / refuse store and be ducted to discharge filtered clean air to atmosphere. Particulates and Gas Air Filters are easily accessible for future maintenance.

How does the Bin Store Ventilation work?

The Bin Store Ventilation Air Filtration System is fabricated using an Aluminium Pentapost construction with double skinned and insulated panels to dampen breakout noise from the system. The outer panels are finished in a leatherette plastic coated steel, meaning the overall box can be wiped down and cleaned easily.

Air is drawn through an intake double deflector grille, and then passes through a particulate filter, and then a series of deep bed of Airclean Type 1 Activated Carbon Filters operating at a 0.2 second contact time ensuring the significant reduction of odorous and harmful gases associated with bin stores. Air is discharged from the bin store filtration system through a 150 Diameter spigot which can then be joined to a ducted system to discharge clean air outside.

Technical Information

Power : 80 Watts, Single Phase, 240V, 1amp
External Pressure at Rated Airflow : Approx. 100Pa
Intake – Double Deflector Grille
Discharge – 150 Diameter
Filter Life:

  • Particulate Filters – 6-12 Months Max Approx.
  • Gas Filters – 1-2 Years Max Approx.
Description Airflow (m3/hr) Total Weight
Dims. (mm) Included Filters
Rated Boost H W D Spigot*
1908853 Bin Store Filtration System – STD 180 400 65kg 290 350 1350 150 PM10 + GAS
1908854 Bin Store Filtration System – XL 360 550 80kg 290 650 1350 150 PM10 + GAS

*Spigots are a male connection on Outlet (e.g. manufactured 5mm less than the dimension stated). Deflector Grilles on Inlet.