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Technical Bulletin – MiniCell Replaces High Performance Panels

Technical Bulletin – MiniCell Replaces High Performance Panels
Jaime Graymead
January 2, 2024

Technical Bulletin:

Introducing “MiniCell Panel Filters” as a replacement for “High Performance Pleated Panel Filters”

Date: 16th August 2022

MiniCell Panel Filter
M5, M6, F7, F8, F9
(ePM10 55% to ePM1 80%)
High Performance
Pleated Panel Filters
F6, F7, F8, F9

Airclean do not offer “High Performance Pleated Panel Filters” in grade M6 to F9, we now offer a “MiniCell Panel Filter”.

The old “High Performance Pleated Panel Filters” were manufactured in a style similar to that of a typical G4 Pleated Panel Filter, and could easily be mistaken for a low grade filter.

Historically the “High Performance Pleated Panel Filter” has been available in the UK air filter market at a low cost, but currently (2021 onwards) the materials are close to obsolete to UK manufacturers.

The technical abilities of this style of filter were always been questionable in relation to efficiency and resistance to airflow, and Airclean actually introduced an alternative, to plug the gap, albeit at a higher cost.

We offer a “Minicell Panel Filter” in grade M5 through to F9 grades (ePM10 55% to ePM1 80% to ISO16890), which offers the high grades of filtration in either a 47, or 97mm Panel.

Whilst this filter is considerably more expensive than the now discontinued “high performance pleated panel filters”, we have a solid understanding of the properties (efficiency and pressure drop), and are confident in its performance.

When using filters grade M6 (ePM10 65%) and upwards a pre filter should be used to extend the life of the more expensive secondary filter and ensure a reasonable life.  A Minicell Panel Filter installed with the correct prefiltration would usually out perform the old style High Performance Pleated Panel Filter considerably.

Please use the following link to see our technical details for the MiniCell Panel Filter, or for further details contact our sales team on sales@airclean.co.uk or 01622 832777.

MiniCell High Performance Panel Air Filters – Grade M6 to F9 to EN779 – Airclean