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Duct and Canopy Cleaning

Duct and Canopy Cleaning
April 13, 2023

24/7 Ventilation, Kitchen Canopy Extractor and Duct Cleaning.

  • Ventilation, Kitchen Canopy and Duct Cleaning Service Across Kent and the South East.
  • Day or night services available for your convenience.
  • Meeting TR/19 cleaning standards and requirements.
  • Cleaning all of your canopy and fiters.
  • Replacement and fitting of filters and access doors if required.
  • Pre and post duct cleaning photographs.
  • We supply a certificate of cleaning maintenance.
Duct and Canopy Cleaning in Kent - Kitchen Canopy

Why Do I Need Duct Cleaning?

Cleaning air conditioning and ventilation systems is essential to remove the build-up of dust, grease and bacteria in ductwork. Therefore failure to remove this build-up will result in dirty and unhealthy air drawing into the building. As a result contaminated air can affect occupant’s health and productivity.

Duct and Canopy Cleaning in Kent - Fire Risk

Fire Risk

Due to excess of grease and oil build-up in ventilation and ductwork, it will increases the risk of fire. Because fires will rapidly spread throughout the duct by igniting the grease deposits, allowing it to strech through your building.

Duct and Canopy Cleaning in Kent - Hygiene

Hygiene Hazard

Accumulated grease in ductwork will create a hygiene hazard over time. Due to this build-up, it leads to foul odours, pest infestation and backwash of air into the cooking area.

Duct and Canopy Cleaning in Kent - TR/19

TR/19 Standards

TR/19 is a set of guidelines on the internal cleanliness of ventilation systems by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA). Especially used by insurance companies to assess the risk of your ductwork.

How often should ductwork be cleaned?

When your ventilation system has a build up of particulates, duct cleaning is necessary. However, the frequency of duct cleaning will vary depending on many factors including system design, location, and building use. In the meantime TR/19 official guidelines outlines a standard cleaning scheduled based on the hours of cooking per day.

Kitchen Grease Extract Systems Cleaning Intervals Daily usage

Perceived level of grease productionUp to 6 hours6-12 hours12-16 hours16+ hours
Low12 months12 months6 months6 months
Medium12 months6 months4 months3 months
High6 months3 months3 months2 months

The above table is adapted from the Building Engineering Services Association’s
Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems TR 19

Will it effect my insurance?

Insurers are now using the TR/19 guidelines, and the certificate of cleanliness, as standard practice to assess accountability and liability in cases of fire. Therefore it is vital to adhere to these standards, by keeping your duct, canopies and ventilation cleaned on scheduled.

What if I need replacement filters in my ductwork or canopy?

As well as providing a cleaning service, as a manufacture of air filters, we can supply and fit replacement filters and access doors.