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Laminar Flow Cabinet

Laminar Flow Cabinet
April 5, 2023

Laminar Flow Cabinet

– Vertical or Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet Systems Available
– Operation to ISO Class 5 of ISO 14644-1999
– Many mounting options available
– High Gloss Finish
– Speed Controllable at a range of airflows


A Laminar Flow Cabinet offers a localised clean air solution which can operate up to Class 5 of ISO 14644-1999.
Typically this is for use in microbiological or electronics applications where clean air is required on and around a workbench, or in a small environment.
The fully painted cabinet incorporates a fan, HEPA Filter and Speed Controller which can then be combined with a holding solution, such as a free standing frame, or workbench to make the Laminar Flow Cabinet a practical solution.


The HEPA Filter is fed air from a D.I.D.W. Centrifugal Forward Curved Fan, having an integral motor.
The unit is fitted with an electronic Speed Controller mounted on the outside of the unit to provide the user with control over the laminar air flow speed from the HEPA Filter.


Airflow Quality ISO Class 5 to ISO 14644-1999
HEPA Filter leak tested to 0.001% =/- 20%
Airflow Operating Range 0.45m/s +/- 20%
PAT Certified
1.2m IEC Lead
Single Phase 240V, 50Hz Operation, Max Current Rating 6A

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