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Low Level HEPA Extract Terminal Housing

Low Level HEPA Extract Terminal Housing
February 5, 2021

Low Level HEPA Extract Terminal Housing

  • Low Level Extract Air Terminal HEPA Housing for use where extract air must be HEPA Filtered to protect the external environment. (Isolation Rooms, Operating Theatres, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Rooms, Veterinary Surgeries, Secure Postal Rooms, Testing Laboratories)
  • Housing to accept a Panel Pre Filter + HEPA (E10 TO H14)
  • Air Intake on the face of the unit.
  • Discharge through a spigot exit in the top of the housing.
  • Complete Mechanical HEPA Sealing System
  • White Powder coat finish RAL 9010, easy clean faces.
  • Can be built into the room walls, or placed against walls within rooms.
  • Security screws secure the door, to prevent accidental access to a potentially contaminated HEPA filter
  • Fan not included, this should be used as part of a designed extract system.


This Low Level HEPA Extract Housing offers a solution where contaminated air must be extracted to atmosphere, and needs to be deemed safe for discharge.

This system has been adopted for use in Isolation Wards, testing laboratories, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing facilities, to ensure the safety of the discharge, and facilitate the diagonal airflow in a room i.e. ceiling supply to low level extract.

Its high-quality white finish allows for the unit to be in keeping with a medical environment and cleanable.


The Low Level HEPA Extract Housing should be mounted within the room where air can be drawn through the housing via a Pre-Filter mounted in the door of the housing. Contaminated Extract air then passes through a HEPA filter which is secured by a mechanical clamping system ensuring no air bypass.

A spigot discharge is in the top of the housing allowing for ducting to be attached to the rest of the extract components. The housing does not include a fan and must be used in conjunction with a designed extract system.

The low-level extract point at the front of the HEPA Extract Housing facilitates good airflow patterns within the room, from supply air ceiling mounted HEPA Terminal Housings.

Both the pre filter and HEPA filter are located within the housing facilitating the changing of the filter from the already contaminated side of the room.

Security screw fixings give access to the door removal process, this does have a rubber seal to the casing, where the prefilter and HEPA filter can be changed. There are levelling feet within the base of the unit, to facilitate installation.


The Terminal Housing can accommodate:

  • Prefiltration Grade G4 to F9 of EN779
  • HEPA Filters up to Grade H14 to EN1822
Spigot Dia. Dims. (mm) Spigot Dia. Total Weight Approx. Incl. Filters Typical Filter Combination Max Airflow m3/s Clean PD
1835201 1200 670 340 200mm 50kg G4 & H14 HEPA(1130210 + 1510831) 0.44 375Pa
1835202 1200 670 650 300mm 80kg G4 & H14 HEPA(1130210 + 1510830) 0.89 375Pa