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Tabletop Laminar Flow Cabinets

Tabletop Laminar Flow Cabinets
Jaime Graymead
June 26, 2020

Tabletop Laminar Flow Cabinets

Horizontal or Vertical

A Laminar Flow Cabinet offers a localised clean air solution which can operate up to Class 5 of ISO 14644-1:2015.

A Laminar Flow Cabinet is designed to protect the working area from contamination by particulates.  The Laminar Flow Cabinet will also force internal contamination created by the process away from the working area.

Typical applications for Laminar Flow Cabinets include electronics and microbiological work such as Mycology (mushroom culture growing).

Overall: 615W x 675D x 615H mm
Work Area: 580W x 270D x 590H mm
Part No: 1845106
Overall: 615W x 615D x 945H mm
Work Area: 560W x 590D x 590H mm
Part No: 1845105
Overall: 609 x 609mm Actual
Work Area: N/A
Part No: 1845107


The Airclean Tabletop Laminar Flow Cabinet is fabricated in Dove Grey Plastic Coated Sheet Steel, which can be easily cleaned.  The cabinet includes a Pre-Filter, a H14 Grade HEPA Filter, and a Fan which can be speed controlled to attain laminar flow clean air.

Both the H14 HEPA and Pre-Filters are user replaceable.

The Laminar Flow Cabinet is available in three options which the user can choose at the time of purchase.

  • Horizontal and Vertical options offer a convenient tabletop stand, and a shielded working area.
  • The Fan + Filter Option is a versatile option allowing the user flexibility in their application, without the restrictions of the shielded stands.


Rated Air Speed for Laminar Flow = 0.45m/s
Single Phase 240V 50Hz
Max Current Drawn 1 Amp

DescriptionOverall DimsWorking AreaPart No.
Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet615W x 615D x 945H mm560W x 590D x 590H mm1845105
Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet615W x 675D x 615H mm580W x 270D x 590H mm1845106
Fan + Filter Only615W x 370D x 615H mm610H x 610W mm1845107
Spare Pre Filter (A290)609 x 609mm ActualNA1720905
Spare H14 HEPA Filter609 x 609 x 66mm ActualNA1510815

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DescriptionPart Number
Vertical Desktop Laminar Flow Cabinet1845105
Horizontal Desktop Laminar Flow Cabinet1845106
Fan + Filter Laminar Flow Cabinet1845107