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August 28, 2018

Miscellaneous Products

This unit is suitable for all applications using suitably specified single phase induction motors.

Designed for continuous operation with 6 amp loads respectively at 30 degrees C ambient on single phase 220/240V v 50 HZ supply.

Electric Fan / Motor Speed Controller

Magnahelic Gauges offer a method of measuring differential pressure accurately and easily across filter sections to indicate dirty air filters, room and duct pressures.

The Magnahelic Gauge’s body and bezel is manufactured from die cast aluminium, and has a clear acrylic PVC facia giving this product a quality finish and a long service life. Its clear print and orange indicator pin offers an “Easy to Read” display.

magnahelic filter pressure guage

Fan Drive Belts are often replaced along with Panel and Bag Air Filters, on regular maintenance schedules to ensure the efficient operation of an Air Handling Unit or independent fan.

Airclean offer a full range of Wedge Style Drive Belts, and have the technical back up of an independent local supplier who offer us the service that our clients need to meet demand.

drive belts for air handling units spa spx spz

The range of Duct Heaters is designed for the traditional H & V industry.

There are two predominant styles of heater, the Stab In, where a hole is cut into existing ductwork and the heating elements are slotted through the hole, and the electrical connection box fits against the duct on the outside.

Alternatively the Duct Mounted version where the unit comes as an integral part of the ductwork (Spiral or Square), which is then fitted within the duct run using the MEZ flanged system.

electric heater battery

For use in measuring the differential pressure or overpressure of air or other non-aggressive or non-combustible gases.

Pressure switches can be used in a number of different applications for example observing airflow within ductwork and industrial cooling-air circuits, protect fans from overheating and monitoring air filters.

Pressure Switch

Our Airclean Front Withdrawal Air Filter Frames are manufactured from galvanised sheet steel and are fitted with four retaining P Clips and a foam gasket onto which the Panel or Bag Filter seals.

Individual Air Filter Frames are supplied undrilled and can be bolted, pop-riveted or spot-welded together on site to form multiple formations of Bag or Panel Filters.

bang on p clips front withdrawal air filter frames