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Heat Recovery Air Handling Units

Heat Recovery Air Handling Units
June 23, 2023

Heat Recovery Air Handling Units

– Low Profile
– Sheet steel designs available
– Insulated Panels
– Pentapost Design
– Integrated Drain Pan


– Heat Recovery
– From 0.1m3/s to 15m3/s
– Modular Systems for Indoor and Outdoor Installation
– Fully Built or Flat Pack Design

Construction and Design

Heat Recovery Air Handling Units are suitable in a variety of applications from domestic use to Restaurants, Swimming Pools and Shopping Centres.

The Heat Recovery block fits between the supply and extract airstreams. It is built up of alternting layers of plates through which the heat is transferred between separated supply and exhaust air streams. This means there is no cross contamination of the airstream.

As this unit uses the extract air to heat the supply air it is more energy efficient and cost saving.

Using CAD and CNC punching techniques, Air Handling Units are built of a sheet steel construction, or the more common aluminium anodised pentapost frame system using double skinned insulated panels.

Where required we work with OEM Clients or Consultants manufacturing to supplied designs/drawings.

Technical Information

Belt Driven and Direct Drive Fans
Primary and Secondary Filter Sections including Carbon and HEPA Grades
Electric Heater Sections
Heating and Cooling Coil Sections including LPHW
Gas Burners
Heat Recovery blocks and Heat Wheels
Integrated Drain Pan
Low Profile
Indoor and Outdoor Units
Optional Control Systems
RSC Welded Base
Crane Lifting Points

Airclean manufacture both Standard and Non Standard Air Filters.
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