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Table-Top Laminar Flow Cabinet for Mycology

Table-Top Laminar Flow Cabinet for Mycology
Jaime Graymead
March 25, 2021

After a surge in inquiries about our H14 HEPA filters from mycologists (cultivators of mushrooms) seeking to build DIY laminar flow cabinets. We discovered the cost of a domestic mushroom grower building a DIY laminar flow cabinet was significantly higher than we could manufacture the equipment for, while using a true H14 HEPA filters to provide the best protection.

Mushrooms and mushroom spores are vulnerable to environmental cross contamination. For the best results, mycology requires a positive pressure laminar flow of clean air from a HEPA filter to protect the mushrooms. The individually leak tested H14 HEPA included offers filtration down to 0.1 micron particulates.

With decades of experience manufacturing and selling H14 HEPA filters to hospitals and cleanrooms, we designed a versatile ductless tabletop laminar flow hood that can be bought in 3 orientation to fit your work area. The included H14 HEPA is 609 x 609 x 66mm in size providing a large area for airflow over your workspace.

Horizontal Laminar Flow
Table Top HEPA Laminar Flow Cabinet
Vertical Laminar Flow
Table Top HEPA Laminar Flow Cabinet
Fan + Filter Only
Table Top HEPA Laminar Flow Cabinet
Table Top Laminar Flow Airflow

How it works:

  1. Dirty ambient room air is pulled into the back of the laminar flow box.
  2. Larger course particles are caught in the pre filter to help keep the Fan and HEPA clean.
  3. Air is filtered through a H14 HEPA filter, filtering out up to 99.995% of partials down to 0.1 microns.
  4. The clean are is discharged, crating a particle-free work area.