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NOx Filter System

NOx Filter System
June 21, 2023

Domestic Filtration System for the Removal of Nitrogen Dioxide

  • Nitrogen Dioxide Filtration System
  • Tested up to 90% NO2 removal
  • For use in domestic or commercial buildings supply air systems
  • 50l/s or 100l/s models available
  • Filter life up to 2 years
  • Low resistance to airflow
  • Compact Design
  • Can be installed horizontally or vertically
  • Bottom or Side access


Airclean’s NOx filter is designed to filter polluted air entering domestic or commercial buildings through mechanical ventilation systems. The compact system uses combined particulate and gas filters to reduce levels of Nitrogen Dioxide and Particulate Matter to within target limits making the air safer to breathe.

Nitrogen Dioxide Mitigation Solution

The Airclean Nox filter can be used in conjunction with MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery) systems in buildings where outside air breaches target concentrations of Nitrogen Dioxide. By filtering air entering the building, residents and occupants are supplied with clean air in line with EU Directive Limits. The NOx Filter houses the tested Airclean Type 1 Gas Filter which can remove up to 90% of Nitrogen Dioxide, ensuring concentrations are brought below the Directive limits of 40 μg/m3 prior to entering the building.

Particulate Matter Filtration (PM10)

The Airclean Type 1 Gas Filter is a uniquely designed combination air filter, fabricated to incorporate an internal PM10 Filtration Membrane filtering up to 90% of PM10 particulates that enter the NOx Filter.

Air Filter Replacement and Access

The Gas Filters within the NOx Filter have an expected life of two years in typical city environments when installed after an MVHR system or Air Handling Unit containing pre filtration. Where pre filtration is not available, the filters are expected to last a minimum of six months prior to a significant reduction in system air flow.

Side Access

Bottom Access

NOx Filter
Part Number
Airflow Rating
Clean PD at Rated Air FlowAccessTotal Weight
Filter Spares Type 1 Gas Filters
0.0540PaBottom / Front25kg280215690(6x)1650502
0.140PaBottom / Front50kg550215690(12x)1650502

NOTE : All units include spigot options : 125Dia / 150Dia / 204×60 / 220×90 (Advise on order)


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