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Synthetic Air Filter Media Rolls and Cut Pads

Synthetic Air Filter Media Rolls and Cut Pads
December 5, 2023

Synthetic Air Filter Media

ISO 16890 Coarse 45% to ePM10 50%
Grades G3 to M5 to EN779

– Range of Air Filter Medias Available
– Synthetic Air Filter Media Cut Pads Upon Available on Request
– Varying Filter Media Pad Densities and Grades
– Various Full Air Filter Media Roll Sizes available


Synthetic Air Filter Medias are available in a range of thicknesses and filtration grades (EN779 / ISO 16890) making them suitable for a wide range of applications in HVAC systems, AHUs, Spray Booths, standalone ventilation units such as air purifiers and electronics cabinets.

Synthetic Air Filter Media is suitable for the filtration of Coarse Dust and fine particulates and can offer a high dust holding capacity by taking advantage of the full depths of the fibrous polyester material.

Bulk Rolls of air filter media are often cut to size to offer pads for specific applications, or a pad holding frame system used with an air handling unit, or ventilation system.

Where pads need to be small (Approx. 200mm Square and smaller) a die cutting service allows medias to be cut with a high level of accuracy and also enables medias to be cut with unique shapes such as circles, curves and cut outs.


Synthetic Air Filter Media is manufactured from polyester synthetic fibres which are thermally bonded to produce a range of multi-directional fibrous “fabrics” of differing weights and thicknesses.

Synthetic Air Filter Medias are generally considered disposable, but in some applications are able to withstand a light cleaning operation.

Synthetic Air Filter Medias are supplied as Cut Pads or Full Bulk Rolls, depending on your application or site requirements. Thinner materials can easily be cut to size on site by the client using suitable fabric cutting tools.

Technical Information

Air Filter Grades Available to EN779: G2, G3, G4, M5
Air Filter Grades Available to ISO 16890 – Coarse 40% to ISO ePM10 50%
Flame Retardant to DIN53438-3 classes F1
Max Operating Temperature : 80 Degrees Centigrade
Max Humidity : 100% RH

Synthetic Media Type Weight Per Unit (g/m2)
Velocity Clean Pressure Drop
m/s Pa
A70 70 1.5 20
A15/150 150 1.5 25
A1B 300 1.5 47
A290 290 1.5 45
A15/350 350 1.5 75
A2B 450 1.5 50
A15/500 500 0.5 70
A560G 560 0.5 70

Need Pad Holding Frames?

The Pad Holding Frame system offers a means of securing a filter media pad securely into a ventilation or air movement system. This re-useable fully galvanized steel frame can offer a cheaper option for filter replacement over typical cardboard framed panel filters. For further details please see data sheet Section 1 (AC1.4) or Click Here

pad holding frame air filter

Synthetic Air Filter Media Selection Tables

ISO 16890
Roll Size
Part Number
A70G2/3Coarse 40%40m x 2m6mm1720170Call: 01622 832777
A15/150G3Coarse 45%20m x 2m6-9mm1720150Call: 01622 832777
A1BG4Coarse 65%20m x 2m25mm1720101Call: 01622 832777
A290G4Coarse 65%20m x 2m20mm1720290Call: 01622 832777
A15/350G4Coarse 65%20m x 2m15mm1720350Call: 01622 832777
A2BG4Coarse 70%10m x 2m50mm1720201Call: 01622 832777
A15/500*M5ISO ePM10 50%20m x 2m16mm1720500Call: 01622 832777
A560G**M5ISO ePM10 50%20m x 1m21mm1720560Call: 01622 832777
Carbon Impregnated MediaG2/3Coarse 40%20m x 2m3mm1720600Call: 01622 832777
Airclean manufacture both Standard and Non Standard Air Filters.
For Non Standard Sizes please contact on 01622 832777 or fill in the contact form below:

* Spray Booth Supply Filter – No Scrim
** Spray Booth Ceiling Supply Filter with Scrim