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Jaime Graymead
May 24, 2019

From this page you can Download our Catalogue and Operations and Manual Instructions as PDF documents.
If you can’t find something, or need further Technical Assistance, please do not hesitate
to contact us at sales@airclean.co.uk , or call us on 01622 832777.

Web PageCatalogueO&M Instruction
1. Disposable Panel Filters
Disposable Glass Panel FiltersAC1.1O&M Download
Disposable Synthetic Panel FiltersAC1.2O&M Download
Pleated Panel FiltersAC1.3O&M Download
Pad Holding Filter Frame SystemAC1.4O&M Download
MiniCell High Performance Panel FiltersAC1.5Not Available
2. Washable Filters
Polyfoam Washable FiltersAC2.1O&M Download
Metal Washable FiltersAC2.2O&M Download
Rod Framed FiltersAC2.4O&M Download
3. Grease Filters
Standard Mesh Type Grease FiltersAC3.1O&M Download
Baffle Type Grease FiltersAC3.3O&M Download
Stainless Steel Grease Gridmesh FiltersAC3.4O&M Download
Cleaning Tank and EquipmentAC3.4O&M Download
4. Bag Filters
General Purpose Bag FiltersAC4.1O&M Download
High Performance Bag FiltersAC4.4O&M Download
High Performance Rigid PleatsAC4.5O&M Download
Rigid Bag FiltersAC4.6O&M Download
5. Absolute HEPA Filters
Absolute HEPA FiltersAC5.1O&M Download
HEPA Cassette FiltersAC5.2O&M Download
Wedge HEPA FiltersAC5.3O&M Download
6. Activated Carbon Filters
Activated Carbon Filters – Use and SelectionAC6.1N/A
Activated Carbon Filters – PanelsAC6.11O&M Download
Activated Carbon Filters – Metal Cased DiscarbsAC6.2O&M Download
Activated Carbon Filters – Can FiltersAC6.3Not Available
Carbon Impregnated Bag FiltersAC6.4O&M Download
Carbon Testing ServicesAC6.5Not Available
Rigid Bag Filter – Carbon ImpregnatedAC6.6Not Available
7. Filter Media
Glass Fibre Filter MediaAC7.1O&M Download
Synthetic Filter MediaAC7.2O&M Download
Polyurethane foam Filter MediaAC7.3O&M Download
Dry Glass Fibre MediaAC7.4O&M Download
Binks Style Cardboard Spray Booth FilterAC7.5Not Available
8. Filter Housings and Holding Frames
Front Withdrawal Filter FrameAC8.1O&M Download
Side Access Filter Casings – MEZ FlangedAC8.2Not Available
Duct Mounted Filter BoxesAC8.3O&M Download
Side Withdrawal Combination Filter HousingsAC8.4O&M Download
Terminal Housing for HEPA FiltersAC8.5O&M Download
9. Air Quality Systems, Testing, and Miscellaneous
Ezee Breathe Air Purifier DomesticAC9.1O&M Download
Ezee Breathe Air Purifier XLAC9.1O&M Download
Laminar Flow CabinetsAC9.2Not Available
Air Quality Testing and Cleanroom CertificationAC9.3Not Available
Electric Heater BatteryAC9.4O&M Download
Electric Speed ControllerAC9.5O&M Download
Drive BeltsAC9.6Not Available
Filter Pressure GaugesAC9.8Not Available
Pressure SwitchAC9.9Not Available
Air Pressurisation SystemAC9.10O&M Download
Indoor Air Quality Filtration SystemAC9.11O&M Download
NOx Filter SystemAC9.12O&M Download
10. Kitchen Extract Solutions
Kitchen Grease and Odour ControlAC10.1N/A
Stainless Steel Baffle Grease FiltersAC10.2O&M Download
Stainless Steel Grease Gridmesh FiltersAC10.3O&M Download
HEPA Filters : For Kitchen ExtractsAC10.4O&M Download
Electrostatic PrecipitatorAC10.5Not Available
Activated Carbon FiltersAC10.6O&M Download
Odour Neutraliser – UV OzoneAC10.7O&M Download
Atomising Odour Neutraliser / MaskerAC10.8O&M Download
Kitchavent 2000 / 3000 / 4000 – Complete Grease, Smoke and Odour ControlAC10.9O&M Download
Kitchen Extract Air Handling Unit – Complete with Odour ControlAC10.10O&M Download
11. Air Handling Units
Air Handling Units – Bespoke ManufactureAC11.1O&M Download
Heat Recovery Air Handling Units – Bespoke ManufactureAC11.2O&M Download
Twin Fan Air Handling Units – Bespoke ManufactureAC11.3O&M Download