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Secondary Filter Media

Secondary Filter Media
June 21, 2023

Spray Booth Filter – Blue and White Secondary Synthetic Filter Media

– Secondary Filter Media after primary overspray
– Suitable for dry and wet overspray
– Designed to catch fine spray
– Suitable for Car Spray Booths
– Available in rolls or cut pads

Applications for Secondary Filter Media

For use in spray booths for cars, furniture, and other products where dry and wet paints, lacquers and varnishes are used. This Synthetic Filter Media should be used as a filter after a primary overspray filter such as a Cardboard Concertina Filter, or Glass Paint Arrestor Media. The secondary filter is designed to capture fine spray to protect ducting and fans prior to air discharge.

Description of Secondary Filter Media

Synthetic Spray Booth Media is an air filter media manufactured from polyester fibres which, when laid, produce a range of multi-directional fibrous “fabrics” of differing weights and thicknesses.

Synthetic Filter Medias in the UK market are usually white, or blue and white in colour, generally helping us to identify the materials along with the thickness.

Airclean are able to supply Synthetic Air Filter Medias as Cut Pads or Full Rolls, depending on your application or site requirements.

Secondary Filter Media Filter Selection Tables

ProductDescriptionPrice ex. VATPart Number
Spray Booth Synthetic Filter - 290Spray Booth Synthetic Filter Media - ASB290
Size: 1 x 20m
Thickness: 20mm
Colour: Blue and White