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Supply Air / PIV Filtration System (Fan-Filter)

Supply Air / PIV Filtration System (Fan-Filter)
June 23, 2023

PM10, and PM2.5, Nitrogen Dioxide (NOx), VOCs and Ozone

  • For the domestic or commercial environments to improve air quality by Positive Input Ventilation.
  • Filters air for Particulates (PM10 and PM2.5) and optional Gas Filters for the removal of Pollutant Gases (Nitrogen Dioxide (NOx), VOCs and Ozone.
  • Can take supply air from outdoor or indoor spaces (corridors / attics).
  • A PIV solution that includes high level filtration for bringing pollution levels below acceptable standards without the need for costly renovation
  • Can be used to reduce Carbon Dioxide and ventilating indoor space
  • Quiet Operation (Insulated Housing and Inline Attenuation)
  • User Speed Controllable


The Supply Air / PIV Filtration System brings filtered air into a property to improve air quality. Positive Input Ventilation is a commonly used method of improving Indoor Air Quality and reducing condensation and mould build up. Fresh Air is mechanically taken from a loft space or from outside through a ducted vent into the Airclean Supply Air / PIV Filtration System where it is then filtered before being supplied to occupied spaces of the home or commercial building. The Airclean Supply Air / PIV Filtration System offers high level air filtration to remove fine particulates and pollutant gases, ensuring the cleanest air is supplied.

Particulate Matter Filtration (PM10 and PM2.5)

PM10 and PM2.5 Particulate air filters are included within the Supply Air / PIV Filtration System to remove Particulates at efficiencies above 80%. These filters will require changing every 6-12 months depending on the installation option selected.

Pollutant Gas Filtration (Nitrogen Dioxide (NOx), VOCs and Ozone)

Airclean Type 1 Gas Filters are used within the Supply Air / PIV Filtration System. Airclean Type 1 Gas remove up to 90% of Nitrogen Dioxide, ensuring NO2 concentrations leaving the unit are brought below the Directive limits of 40 μg/m3. These filters have the added benefit of also filtering VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), Ozone, and odours. Airclean Type 1 Gas Filters will require changing every 1-2 years depending on the installation option selected.

Installation Options

Positive Input Ventilation / Supply Air – The Supply Air / PIV Filtration System is designed as a component of a fresh air supply system to indoor environments. Ducting is not included allowing this to be part of a bespoke designed system. A carbon dioxide monitor is available to further enhance control of the supply air as required by regulations and guidelines.
Supply Air / PIV Filtration Systems are supplied with 150mm Diameter Spigots on both ends.

Power: 80 Watts, Single Phase, 240V, 1amp

Rated Airflow Max Airflow* Total Weight
Dims. (mm) Included Filters
m3/hr l/s m3/hr l/s H W D
1908839 180 50 450 125 38kg 290 350 750 PM10 + PM2.5
1908840 360 100 600 167 55kg 290 650 750 PM10 + PM2.5
1908841 180 50 400 111 65kg 290 350 1350 PM10 + GAS + PM2.5
1908842 360 100 550 152 80kg 290 650 1350 PM10 + GAS + PM2.5

*Max Airflows assume a 30Pa Max External Resistance. Gas Filter Performance will decrease at Max Airflow, for optimum gas filtration efficiencies systems must be designed at Rated Airflow. Noise levels are significantly raised at max airflows, and should only be used for purge or boost flows.