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Spray Booth Air Filters – A Brief Overview

Spray Booth Air Filters – A Brief Overview
Jaime Graymead
December 19, 2022

TECHNICAL BULLETIN: Spray Booth Air Filters – A Brief Overview
Date: 28th May 2020

Airclean offer a complete range of air filters for use in wet and dry spray booths. Our customers include car body shops, furniture makers, carpenters, glass companies, and fabrication shops who rely on quality spray booth filters for their business operations. This post gives a quick overview of the range of spray booth filters, and where you may see them as part of a spray booth extraction system.

Primary Spray Booth Filtration – Over-spray / Paint Arrestor

Primary filtration for spray booths is used to remove the bulk of wet and dry over spray. This filter generally spans the “Spray / Wet Zone” of a spray booth to capture paint that does not land on the final product. These products are the basic minimum filtration for any spray booth set up.

Dry Glass Media – (Paint Arrestor / Paint Stop)
Dry Glass Fibre Media is often referred to as paint arrestor or paint stop and comes in a roll form. This filter media has excellent holding capacity for wet and dry spray booth applications.

Spray Booth Filter Paint Arrestor - pain stop dry glass

Pleated Cardboard Spray Booth Filter (Binks-Bullows Filter / Andreae Filter)
Constructed from two sheets of heavy paper containing staggered rows of perforations, to catch and deposit the over-spray. The working section of the filter is pulled across the spray booth and secured. Once the filter becomes too dirty / paint laden to use, it can be cut and removed allowing for a new filter section to be pulled across.

spray booth filter cardboard concertina binks bullows

Secondary Spray Booth Filtration

Secondary Filters in spray booth extraction systems are for the capture of finer spray particulates. This material would go after the primary filter, and is generally installed to protect the ductwork, fan, and also to clean air prior to discharge outside.

Blue and White Secondary Synthetic Filter Media for Spray Booths
Secondary Filter Media for Spray Booths is usually Blue and White in colour and is a synthetic material that comes on rolls that can be cut to size. This quality media has a high loft for a high capture rate and long life.

Secondary spray booth blue white filter media

Spray Booth Supply Air Filters

Supply air to a spray booth should be filtered to protect the product from particulates that may damage the final finish. This is essential where high quality finishes are desired on items such as cars, or furniture, or where the air surrounding the spray booth is dusty in locations such as woodwork shops. We would usually expect Supply Air to be filtered to grades G4 or M5 to EN779.

M5 Spray Booth Ceiling Filter

M5 Ceiling Filter is commonly seen in car spray booths mounted above the vehicle where air is supplied into the booth. This air filter is high quality, usually white in colour, is often sticky to the touch and has rubber backing. These properties help to lock in captured particles, and prevent them from falling onto the product below them. This material is available on rolls, but due to its awkward bulky nature is often cut to size by the manufacturer.