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HEPA Panel Air Filters

HEPA Panel Air Filters
Jaime Graymead
April 15, 2024

HEPA Panel Air Filters

E10, E11, H13, H14, and U15 to EN1822

  • All HEPA Panel Air Filters are tested to EN1822
  • Continuous neoprene gasket on one side as standard
  • Anodized aluminium frame
  • Water repellent paper
  • Non-flammable paper
  • Suitable for healthcare, research, food and beverage, electronic, nuclear and pharmaceutical industries


HEPA Panel Filters offer the highest efficiency particulate filtration in the air filter range.  This panel form of HEPA Filter are used as a final / terminal filter in scenarios where final air quality is essential.

Cleanroom and Operating Theatre Ceiling Terminal Housings, Laminar Flow Cabinets / Workstations and Safety Cabinets use Panel Style HEPA Filters ensuring a non turbulent and laminar air flow.

Typically we see these style of filters in industries such as healthcare, research, food and beverage, electronic, nuclear and pharmaceutical where air quality is essential and often tested / proven.


The HEPA filtration medium is provided by non-flammable and water repellant microfine glass fibres formed into a paper-like surface.  The HEPA Filter medium is formed into a rigid packs of close mini pleats that are then secured and spaced using “beaded hotmelt” ensuring a sustained clear air path through the filter.

The mini pleat HEPA media pack is sealed into an anodized aluminium frame with a polyurethane bond complete with white painted facia grilles inserted on both sides.

A continuous neoprene closed cell gasket is applied to a single face of the filter as standard (clean or dirty side), or on request can be applied to both faces.  Gel seals and knife edges are also available on special request.

All filters are individually tested to EN1822 and come complete with a test certificate.


Max operating temperature = 70°C

Max working humidity = 100% RH

Standard HEPA Panel Depths (Excl. Gasket) = 66mm / 69mm / 80mm / 124mm


  • Gasket Seal (‘D’ Dirty Air Face Side or ‘C’ Clean Air Face Side or ‘B’ Both Faces)
  • Gel Seal
  • Knife Edge

Standard Sizes – 1510 H14 HEPA Panel Air Filters

Actual Sizes
Flow Rate Grade
to EN1822
REF Part No
H W D FV: 0.45m/s (tested) Max Duty
550 550 69 0.14m3/s @ 125Pa 0.28m3/s @ 250Pa H14 H14/MINI/A/2GR/C 1510810
305 609 69 0.08m3/s @ 125Pa 0.17m3/s @ 250Pa H14 H14/MINI/A/2GR/C 1510816
609 609 69 0.16m3/s @ 125Pa 0.33m3/s @ 250Pa H14 H14/MINI/A/2GR/C 1510812
609 1220 69 0.32m3/s @ 125Pa 0.64m3/s @ 250Pa H14 H14/MINI/A/2GR/C 1510817
NON-STANDARD E10, E11, H13, H14, U15 1510899