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Polyfoam Washable Air Filter Media- Equivalent to G2 – G4 to EN779

Polyfoam Washable Air Filter Media- Equivalent to G2 – G4 to EN779
Jaime Graymead
May 21, 2019

Polyfoam Washable Air Filter Media- Equivalent to G2 – G4 to EN779

– Washable Air Filter Media
– Fire Retardant
– Varous thicknesses available
– Various Dual Density Foams Available
– Full Sheets or Cut Pads Available


Polyfoam Washable Air Filter Media can be used as a replacement pad or within a filter frame such as the Airclean Pad Frame and System.

This Washable Filter Media is often used in Fan Coil units found in hotels and offices, as it can be quickly hoovered, or removed and washed by engineers for quick and low cost maintenance.

Commonly Polyfoam Washable Filter Medias are used on Electronic Control Panel Enclosures, filtering coarse dusts and protecting sensitive equipment.


Reticulated (de-membraned) Polyurethane Air Filter Foam is available in varying densities designated, by the number of pores per linear inch, and is available in varied thicknesses from 10PPI up to 60PPI (10, 20, 30, 45 and 60 Pores Per Inch).

This washable Air Filter material can be used in any practical thickness, and is sliced to your requirement.

The range of pore sizes available in Polyfoam Filter Medias cover a wide area of efficiencies, particularly since different porosities can be bonded together in tandem to produce the desired efficiency using a graded filtration mechanism (Dual Density Air Filter Media).


Polyfoam Washable Filter Media is available in sheets of 2m x 1m or as cut pads to your required dimensions.
Fire Retardance – FMVSS 302
Flammability ISO 3795 Mm/min FMVSS 302
Temperature Range -20c / +70c

Resistance to Airflow

Resistance @ 1.5m/s
10PPINot Available
9 Pa15 Pa35 Pa
20PPI7 Pa13 Pa27 Pa55 Pa
30PPI12 Pa24 Pa45 Pa85 Pa
45PPI18 Pa40 Pa79 Pa155 Pa
60PPI35 Pa80 Pa125 Pa262 Pa

Need Pad Holding Frames?

The Pad Holding Frame system offers a means of securing a filter media pad securely into a ventilation or air movement system. This re-useable fully galvanized steel frame can offer a cheaper option for filter replacement over typical cardboard framed panel filters. For further details please see data sheet Section 1 (AC1.4) or Click Here

pad holding frame air filter

Filter Selection Tables

Part No.
2m1m6mm1790103Call: 01622 832777
2m1m12mm1790112Call: 01622 832777
2m1m19mm1790119Call: 01622 832777
2m1m25mm1790125Call: 01622 832777
2m1m38mm1790138Call: 01622 832777
2m1m19mm 6/13 Dual Density1790219Call: 01622 832777
2m1m44mm 6/38 Dual Density1790238Call: 01622 832777
Airclean manufacture both Standard and Non Standard Air Filters.
For Non Standard Sizes please contact on 01622 832777 or fill in the contact form below: