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Laboratory / Medical Environment Air Filtration System (Fan-Filter)

Laboratory / Medical Environment Air Filtration System (Fan-Filter)
Jaime Graymead
March 18, 2020

G4 (Coarse) + F9 (ePM1) + VOCs + HEPA

  • For the filtration of coarse and fine particulates (G4 and F9 to EN779)
  • HEPA Filter (E10 or H14 available on request)
  • For the filtration of VOCs and Odours
  • Used in IVF Clinics, Dental Surgeries, Beauty Clinics, Veterinary
    Surgeries, Doctors Surgeries.
  • The unit incorporates air filters that the user can change and
    maintain as required.
  • Offers a solution for bringing air contamination levels below
    acceptable standards without the need for costly renovation.
  • Quiet Operation (Insulated Housing and Inline Attenuation)
  • Speed Controllable or Carbon Dioxide concentration level speed controlled


The Laboratory Air Filtration System is for use in laboratory or medical environments where a level of clean air is required.
The Fan / Filter System can be used to recirculate and clean air within a room or space, or as part of a fresh air supply system. All air that passes through the Laboratory Air Filtration System will be filtered for both particulates and harmful / odourous gases.

Particulate Matter Filtration (G4 and F9 to EN779 (Coarse and ePM1), HEPA H14 to EN1822)

G4 and F9 Particulate air filters are included within the Laboratory / Medical Environment Air Filtration System to remove Fine Particulates including PM2.5 and PM1 (Particulate Matter less than 1 micron). These filters will require changing every 6-12 months depending on the installation option selected. HEPA (E10, and H14) filters are available on request.

Activated Carbon Gas Filtration (VOCs, Odours, Nitrogen Dioxide and Ozone)

Activated Type 1 Activated Carbon Gas Filters are used within the Laboratory / Medical Environment Air Filtration System. These Activated Carbon Filters will remove VOCs and Organic Odours from air passed through them. Activated Carbon Gas Filters will require changing every 1-2 years depending on the installation option selected and the level of pollutant gases.

Installation Options

Air Re-Circulation – The Laboratory / Medical Environment Air Filtration System can simply be installed as a plug and play recirculation air purifier in any room. When switched on the unit will draw in air, remove pollutants including particulates and gases and supply the clean filtered air back into the room. Air Re-Circulation systems will be supplied with Single Deflector Grilles on both ends.

Positive Input Ventilation / Supply Air – The Laboratory / Medical Environment Air Filtration System can be used as a component in a fresh air supply system to a room by ducting it from outside. The Filtration System will draw fresh air into the room and filter particulates (PM10, PM2.5 and PM1) and pollutant gases including VOCs, Odours, Nitrogen Dioxide and Ozone. In this scenario a carbon dioxide monitor is available to further enhance control of the supply air. Supply Air Systems will be supplied with a single deflector grille on one end, and a 150mm Diameter Spigot on the other.

Power : 80 Watts, Single Phase, 240V, 1amp

Rated AirflowBoost Airflow*Total Weight
Dims. (mm)Included FiltersInstallation
19088351805040011165kg2903501350PM10 + GAS + PM1Recirculation
190883636010055015280kg2906501350PM10 + GAS + PM1Recirculation
19088371805040011165kg2903501350PM10 + GAS + PM1Supply Air
190883836010055015280kg2906501350PM10 + GAS + PM1Supply Air

*Boost Airflows assume a 30Pa Max External Resistance. Gas Filter Performance will decrease at Boost Airflow, for optimum gas filtration efficiencies systems must be designed at Rated Airflow. Noise levels are significantly raised at Boost Airflows.

HEPA Filter Requirements: Where a HEPA Filtration is a requirement please contact technical to discuss your options. Greater airflows are available upon request. Particulate only systems are also available.