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Bin Store Odour Control Filters and Fan Filter Box

Bin Store Odour Control Filters and Fan Filter Box
Jaime Graymead
December 19, 2022

Bin Store Ventilation is vital to minimise the build up of gases and odours which arise from rotting waste and bacteria. Failiure to ventilate a bin store sufficiently, along with other hygeine measures can lead to public health issues and also nuisance issues to local residents and passers by. To reduce risk of these issues mechanical ventilation can be used to offer a high turnover of air through the bin store with a suitable odour control filtration system to clean air prior to discharge.

Airclean offer odour control solutions for bin store ventilation systems using activated carbon which will reduce organic odours making any ventilation discharge points acceptable to local residents or passers by.

Option 1 – Filtration Only – 2 Stage Odour Control Filter System

The 2 Stage Airclean Kitchavent 2000 Odour Control System can be installed internally or externally along with a fan and ducting to ensure the discharge ventilation is acceptable for outdoor low level discharge. We offer a variation of different formations and sizes, but our low profile options generally suit bin stores where head space is usually limited.

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Option 2 – Fan + Filter Odour Control System

A fully integrated fan / filter unit, as standard offering airflows up to 0.3m3/s incorporating particulate and activated carbon odour control. Manufactured in a double skin Pentapost housing frame, this system is designed to offer an all in one solution to bin store ventilation. (Other air Volumes available upon request)