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Airclean and the Postal Strikes

Airclean and the Postal Strikes
James Ford
December 19, 2022

Two weeks into the recent strike action within the postal services, we hope that we have remained relatively unaffected, and are taking pro active measures to ensure that this continues.

Luckily for us, most of our correspondence is carried out by telephone, and any hard documents such as technical data sheets, and quotations are sent via e-mail or fax.

Industrial goods for businesses are shipped using a carrier service offering both “Next Day”, and “Three Day” services, and these remain unaffected by any strike action.

Domestic customers purchasing Cooker Hood Filters may experience a delay in the receipt of their orders as these are sent through Royal Mail. However in light of the current Strike Action, delivery upgrades are available, and will be offered upon order placement offering a “Next Day”, or “Three Day” home delivery service.

With regards to Invoices, many customers will have already been contacted to arrange alternative methods of receipt. We are currently finding the majority of our customers wish for Invoices to be sent via fax, and some via e-mail. Should you have a preference and we have not contacted you, please contact us.

Where possible we ask customers to make payments to Airclean via bank transfers, and to send us a Remmitance Advice via fax or e-mail to keep us up to date. If this is not possible please contact our account department to discuss any hold ups you think may occur.

To ensure our supply chain does not break down during these times, we are happy to accept our invoices via e-mail or fax, and already make bank transfer payments where possible.

Communication between our customers and suppliers is key to ensuring our businesses continue to run smoothly during the strikes. Should you expect, or experience any disruption with regards to Airclean and the postal strikes, please do not hesitate to contact us using the following methods.

Telephone – 01622 832777
Fax – 01622 832507
e-mail – sales@airclean.co.uk

For up to date strike action information visit the Royal Mail Website by clicking here.