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Domestic Cooker Hood Filters

Domestic Cooker Hood Filters
James Ford
December 19, 2022
Cooker Hood Filter Media
Keep your home kitchen clean with Airclean’s Cooker Hood Filter Media. This filter media is for use in “Old Style” cooker extracts, where aluminium filters are not present.
By regularly changing the Cooker Hood Filter it ensures that airflow through the extract system is kept high, benefiting the following:
  • Effective removal of cooking steam
  • Effective removal of smoke
  • Effective Removal of heat
  • Removal of cooking odours (where activated carbon filter is used)
  • Minimising unwanted grease build up in the kitchen

Three styles of cooker hood filter are available, Standard, Washable, and Activated Carbon (Odour Control), and each come in sizes of 2000mm x 570mm. Each filter can be cut to size at home to suit the exact size of your extractor, and would usually offer up to 5 changes.

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