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HVAC Bag Filters – Selection and Identification

HVAC Bag Filters – Selection and Identification
James Ford
January 28, 2019
Bag Filters - High Performance HVAC
Bag Filters – High Performance Selection

High Efficiency Bag Filters are designed and manufactured to offer a high level of air quality in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. These bag filters are most commonly utilised on supply air systems for swimming pools, offices, hospitals and hotels, filtering fine dust particles, carbon blacks, mould spores and airborne bacteria.

Airclean’s HVAC Multi Pocket Bag Filters are manufactured from Synthetic Medias with a high dust holding capacity offered by continuously welded pocket spacers ensuring even bag inflation. The pockets are supported and held in place by a welded wire frame, surrounded by a galvanised steel header frame for easy installation.

When making a selection for a High Performance Bag filter rated air flows must be closely considered, as an “Under Aired” Bag Filter will not inflate correctly resulting in excessive resistance and poor filtration. Rated air flows for Airclean’s Bag Filters are available on the main website for all standard air filters, however if a non standard size is required the technical team are on hand to offer you support.

Click here to read the Airclean High Performance Bag Filter Data Sheet.