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When should I change my Air Filter?

When should I change my Air Filter?
James Ford
December 19, 2022

Struggling to decide when to change your air filters? Struggle no more with an Airclean Inclined Manometer. This simple device can be mounted to duct work or an air handling unit across a filter section, and will give a read out showing the pressure differential across the air filter.

Inclined Manometer
An Inclined Manometer can be used to determine when an air filter should be changed.

Throughout the life of any particulate air filter (eg. panel, bag, HEPA) its resistance to airflow will increase and this can be visually seen on an inclined manometer. This resistance is commonly used to show the life of an air filter and determine when it should be replaced for new. Recommended discard resistances are shown on all Airclean Data Sheets and Operation and Maintenance Instructions, which can be found in our catalogue or on our website.

By ensuring filters are changed regularly and in line with our guideline discard pressures, an efficient system with regards to both filtration and energy can be achieved.

For more information on when you should change your filters, or how to measure the resistance of an air filter when it is in service, contact the Airclean Technical Sales Team.