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Airclean Support Buttercups Goat Sanctuary into 2012

Airclean Support Buttercups Goat Sanctuary into 2012
James Ford
December 19, 2022
Buttercups Goat Sanctuary
Airclean are Supporting Buttercups Goat Sanctuary in 2012

Airclean are pleased to announce that in November 2011 we became a corporate sponsor of Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats, no kidding!! We spent time with many of the goats at the sanctuary who have suffered cruelty and neglect in the past, telling them what exactly we do. This was at first harder than we had anticipated and the founder, Robert Hitch had to explain to the goats that they couldn’t just butt in.

The goats at Buttercups have a great life, living in a safe and secure environment in which they get plenty of fresh air. Gnomeo and Bernard were particularly impressed with how our range of filters could clean the air that is so vital to both human and goat. Thinking back to a time where he was not so fortunate, Wilfred concurred that Airclean’s odour neutralising systems were particularly impressive and explained a few situations where he thought it may have come in handy for him.

Obviously goats love nothing more than a huge green field to spend the day chewing the cud. Being intelligent animals we weren’t surprised when we found out that they knew all about the problems with global warming. They were very impressed to hear the steps Airclean is taking to ensure that we move forward with the development of products that consider the environment. As well as this we recycle materials and take steps to reduce our energy output during the manufacturing process.

On a serious note, we would like to thank Buttercups for this brilliant opportunity. We always look to help local organisations and feel that in Buttercups we have found a very worthwhile cause. We hope to continue our friendship long into the future.

For more information visit the Buttercups Goat Sanctuary Website.