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Site Engineer Tool : Iphone App for Measuring Up

Site Engineer Tool : Iphone App for Measuring Up
James Ford
December 19, 2022
My Measures I Phone App for Site Engineers
My Measures IPhone App for Site Engineers

We are not usually in the game of promoting other peoples products, but this iPhone app really is a little gem for site visits, and our engineers really have taken to it.

My Measures & Dimensions is a really useful app for storing object dimensions on top of a photograph taken on your phone. When on site our engineers simply take a photo of the area in question and add dimensions all from their smart phone.

The engineer can add arrows with dimensions, labelled angels and their own text right on top of the photo. You can also export your entire library so you upload them to your computer when you get back to the office.

When we visit a site to measure up, our engineer will often use this handy application to photograph and label an area ensuring that upon returning to the office they knows that we have all the information needed for that important air movement system design, or if that the grease filter we measured in a kitchen really was 47mm thick!

This app completely takes away the chances of a paper sketch being lost or misinterpreted, we just have to look at the picture and can see all the dimensions we need.

Click here to download the app from the Itunes website.