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Airclean Environmental – Website Launched

Airclean Environmental – Website Launched
James Ford
December 19, 2022
Take a Building Health Check
Take a Building Health Check with Airclean Environmental

Low Productivity – High Absenteeism – Tiredness – Lack of Concentration – Spread of Infection – Respiratory Illness

These are all common effects of providing a poor building environments for occupants. Airclean Environmental launched earlier this year offering testing and monitoring services to assist employers and building managers in identifying environment issues affecting building occupants.

These services can be applied to any building but focus on Offices, Schools, Hospitals, Factories and Care Homes where productivity, health, recovery and wellness are of high importance to occupants, employers, teachers, and health care workers.

Services carried out by Airclean Environmental include the following :-

Visit Airclean Environmental Website for further details on the effects of a poor building environment and the services we can offer to help identify the problems. Alternatively pick up the phone and speak to the Airclean Team directly about the issues you are experiencing.