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Sahara Dust Causes UK Air Pollution Warning.

Sahara Dust Causes UK Air Pollution Warning.
James Ford
December 19, 2022

The Government Environment Department DEFRA has forecast “Moderate to High air pollution levels” across central and south east England. This surge of pollution has been caused by a combination of local emissions that we come to expect around cities and industrial areas, and also dust which is being drawn across the UK from the Sahara on a current weather system.

With the Sahara dust being introduced to our air space we will experience an increase in particulate levels including PM10 and PM2.5, which can present risk to us all, but in particular adults and children with respiratory problems. For health advice and recommended actions visit the DEFRA Daily Air Quality Index Web Site.

The majority of the air filters we manufacture are for the removal of particulates in industrial or commercial premises, but our filters are being increasingly installed in domestic properties. G4, F7 and sometimes HEPA filters are installed into heat recovery and air intake ventilation systems to ensure PM10 and PM2.5 levels are kept to a minimum within the home, offering occupants a healthy environment. We are often asked to provide an air quality solution in homes where there is no existing ventilation system and for this we offer the Ezee Breathe range which can be used to recirculate and filter air in the home using a HEPA filter.

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