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Thin Filter Media Replacements

Thin Filter Media Replacements
James Ford
December 19, 2022

The Polyfoam Air Filter Media shown below was taken from one of our production machines here at Airclean. Dirty and perishing, our maintenance guy knew it was time for a change.

Filter Foam Media
Dirty, Broken Filter Foam taken from a production machine.

Filter foams / medias don’t last forever and we often get calls from clients who are struggling to find a suitable replacement. Common uses and applications are as follows, but there are limitless uses for our thin medias.

– Electronics Cabinets
– Machine Control Towers
– Ventilation Systems
– Humidifiers
– Warm air heating systems
– Stand alone air conditioning units

Airclean’s Washable Polyfoam Filters and Disposable Synthetic Air Filter Medias are available in sizes from 2 x 1m, and can be cut to size using scissors for your required application. Various thicknesses are available from 6 to 50mm.

Call the sales team now on 01622 832777 for a price, or drop us an e mail explaining your requirements to sales@airclean.co.uk