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Technical Bulletin – Duct Cleaning

Technical Bulletin – Duct Cleaning
Jaime Graymead
December 19, 2022

The Need for Duct Cleaning?

Cleaning air conditioning and ventilation systems is essential to remove the build up of dust, grease and bacteria that collect over time. Failure to remove this build up will result in dirty and unhealthy air being carried into a building which can affect occupant’s health and productivity.

Duct and Canopy Cleaning in Kent - Kitchen Canopy

How regularly should ductwork be cleaned?

Duct cleaning needs to be carried out when there is a build up of particulates in the ventilation system.

Methods of measuring and monitoring dust build up in ductwork can be used as an indicator to determine how regularly duct work should be cleaned.

The frequency of duct cleaning will vary depending on many factors including system design, location, and building use.

Guidance on Duct Cleaning

The Building and Engineering Services Association Guide too Good Practice – Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems is recognised as the standard of when and how to clean ventilation systems in buildings.

Kitchen Grease Extract Systems Cleaning Intervals Daily usage

Perceived level of grease productionUp to 6 hours6-12 hours12-16 hours16+ hours
Low12 months12 months6 months6 months
Medium12 months6 months4 months3 months
High6 months3 months3 months2 months

The above table is adapted from the Building Engineering Services Association’s
Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems TR 19

TECHNICAL BULLETIN: Technical Bulletin – Duct Cleaning
Date: 24th April 2018