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Ventilation in Schools BB101: A Step in the Right Direction

Ventilation in Schools BB101: A Step in the Right Direction
Jaime Graymead
December 19, 2022

The new 2018 Building Bulletin 101 (BB101) regulations for school ventilation prioritises the reduction of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the classrooms. With class sizes getting bigger and new research on the detrimental effects of CO2 in the classroom emerging, these new regulations are a step in the right direction.

The higher regulations on CO2 mean that most new builds and refurbished schools will need to switch from natural airflow systems (opening windows, vents and chimneys) to mechanical ventilation heat recovery systems (MVHR) to move more air, in, around and out of the classrooms.

MVHR systems will help reduce CO2 in the classrooms by forcing air from outside into the classroom. However outside air isn’t always the cleanest, and can contain other pollutants like Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2, NOx, NO), Ozone, Pollen and Particulates including PM10 & PM2.5.

Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery Unit (MVHR) with filtration

Airclean offer a complete gas and particulate filtration system with the Indoor Air Quality Filtration Unit (IAQ)

IAQ Unit’s 3 stages of filtration:

  • PM10 filtration using panel filters of Grade G4 to EN779 having an arrestance above 90% make it suitable for the removal of PM10 Particulates
  • Gas filtration with an Airclean Type 1 Gas Filter which can remove up to 90% of Nitrogen Dioxide, ensuring concentrations are brought below the Directive limits of 40 ╬╝g/m3 prior to entering the building
  • PM2.5 filtration using particulate filter of Grade F7 to EN779 can be included to further reduce smaller particles including PM2.5

The Airclean Indoor Air Quality Filtration System can be used with Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Systems in offices, schools and domestic houses for the reduction of Particulate Matter (PM10 and PM2.5) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2, NOx, NO) to within the limit values set in EU and UK legislation. This unit it is designed to work with market domestic and commercial MVHR units without the need for fan upgrades or modifications.

NOX FILTER PM10 PM2.5 Nitrogen Dioxide NOx Pollution Filter MVHR Inline