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Clogged Up Grease Filters?

Clogged Up Grease Filters?
Jaime Graymead
December 19, 2022

Does your Grease Filter look like this?

Kitchen Canopy Grease Filters that work efficiently will get clogged up with grease…. that’s what they have been designed to do. By capturing and removing grease from the air stream, they are cleaning the air and reducing hazardous grease build up in the ventilation extract system.

Routine cleaning of your Mesh or Baffle Type Kitchen Grease Filters will not only ensure a good extraction air flow and a cool head for the chef and cooking team, but reduce fire risk in the kitchen.

Airclean Grease Filter Replacement and Cleaning Solutions

1. Cleaning your Mesh or Baffle Type Grease Filters

Mesh and Baffle Grease filters should be cleaned regularly using suitable equipment and cleaning products to reduce fire risk, improve hygiene and guarantee airflow.

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2. Replacing your Mesh or Baffle Type Grease Filters

A Mesh or Baffle Grease Filter will inevitably need replacing at some point, and when that time comes Airclean manufacture both Mesh and Baffle Type Grease Filters in Galvanised and Stainless Steel. Made in our UK factory, we ensure a high grease removal efficiency and a long lasting product.

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