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Fan Filter Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Units

Fan Filter Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Units
April 5, 2023

The School Air Filtration System offers a complete solution for the filtration of Particulates and Pollutant Gases including Nitrogen Dioxide, VOC’s and Ozone within the school classroom and public areas. The Fan-Filter Air Cleaner can filter particulates and Nitrogen Dioxide within the room to improve air quality to within the limits set in AQMA areas.

School Air Filtration System (Fan-Filter)

The Laboratory Air Filtration System is for use in laboratory or medical environments where a level of clean air is required. The Fan / Filter System can be used to recirculate and clean air within a room or space, or as part of a fresh air supply system. All air that passes through the Laboratory Air Filtration System will be filtered for both particulates and harmful / odourous gases.

The Supply Air / PIV Filtration System brings filtered air into a property to improve air quality. Positive Input Ventilation is a commonly used method of improving Indoor Air Quality and reducing condensation and mould build up. Fresh Air is mechanically taken from a loft space or from outside through a ducted vent into the Airclean Supply Air / PIV Filtration System where it is then filtered before being supplied to occupied spaces of the home or commercial building. The Airclean Supply Air / PIV Filtration System offers high level air filtration to remove fine particulates and pollutant gases, ensuring the cleanest air is supplied.

The Workshop Air Filtration System offers a complete solution for the filtration of fine air-borne dust particles cutting and sanding processes common in domestic and commercial workshops by utilising PM10 and PM2.5 air filters (G4 and F7 to EN779).
A second version that includes Activated Carbon Filters is also available for the additional reduction of odours and VOCs which may occur from paints and other cleaning chemicals commonly used in a workshop environment.

The Domestic Air Filtration System is designed to remove fine air-borne dust particles within the home or office environment by recirculating air within the room through its high efficiency filter combination.A second version of the Domestic Air Filtration System includes Activated Carbon Filters that offer the filtration of gases associated with air pollution such as Nitrogen Dioxide, odours and VOCs
The Domestic Air Filtration System is designed to be placed on a shelf or on the floor where it can draw in dust and fume laden air, filtering it and returning it to atmosphere.

An easily retrofittable solution to hybrid ventilation for classrooms, or spaces when natural ventilation is insufficient to maintain an acceptable room temperature, humidity, or air quality.

The Hybrid Ventilation System’s internal fan draws air from outside and mixes it with a portion of the existing indoor air to temper it reducing cold draughts. The mix can be adjusted either manually using louvres, or by using smart controls which ensure the maximum amount of supply air is utilised to optimise conditions throughout the seasons.

Bin / refuse Stores require sufficient ventilation to minimise the build-up of gases and odours which arise from rotting waste and bacteria. By ventilating a bin store appropriately, the environment is improved for users of the bin store, and potential odour nuisance issues for local residents can be avoided.
Where natural ventilation is insufficient, or not an option, the Airclean Bin Store Filtration System offers a Fan + Filter Solution for extracting air removing harmful particulates and gases before discharging the air to atmosphere.
The Bin Store Filtration System can be installed inside the bin / refuse store and be ducted to discharge filtered clean air to atmosphere. Particulates and Gas Air Filters are easily accessible for future maintenance.