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Ozone Monitoring System

Ozone Monitoring System
September 5, 2018

Ozone Monitoring System


– Monitors and controls ambient levels of ozone

– Low maintenance


The Airclean Ozone Monitoring System is designed to monitor ambient levels of ozone that are within an occupied space when using kitchen extract ozone treatment equipment.
Should levels of ozone exceed 0.18ppm an audible alarm will sound along with a visual indication on the unit. An internal relay circuit is included for a volt free or 12 Volt output where required.

On initial startup, the unit will be set automatically to an alarm state. The Warning and alarm LEDS will be on, and the power LED will be flashing. Once the power up checks have been completed the warning and alarm LEDs will extinguish, leaving the power LED on. The unit will then be monitoring ambient levels of ozone.
The alarm will only activate if the Warning and Alarm LEDs are on, by pressing the Reset button in this state the alarm will change from a constant operation to a periodic beep. The LED alarms and relay will auto-reset the system when the monitored ozone falls back below 0.1ppm.


Monitors up to 0.25ppm of Ozone Set point to 0.1ppm and 0.18ppm levels (Ensure this is appropriate for the COSHH Assessment) Mains Operated Alarm siren commences at 0.18ppm Manual alarm reset on Alarm activation Volt free relay for Alarm activation Power Supply : 240V AC 50Hz 500mA
Location of Device : Locate as per local condition and COSHH Assessment


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