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Grease Filter Cleaning Crystals

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Series 500 Grease Filter Cleaning Crystals for Grease Filters, 5kg Tub


Grease Filter Cleaning Agent (Non Caustic)

Series 500 Grease Filter Cleaning Crystals are a powerful degreasing agent and its colloidal action removes oil, grease, etc. more efficiently than the usual degreasing agents such as
caustic or ordinary washing soda, without the attendant disadvantages of using those materials.

A solution of Series 500 Grease Filter Cleaning Agent can be kept for several weeks without its efficiency being impaired, so that it need not be discarded until its cleansing power has been fully utilised.

For cleaning grease filters 500g, of cleaning agent is required in 20 litres of water.


As a precaution for use, if hands are to be immersed in the solution, protective industrial gloves or gauntlets should be worn. Eye protection should be worn also. If the skin becomes splashed, the
area should be washed profusely with water. Refer O&M Instruction 1380 Series 500 Cleaning Agent.

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Weight 5 kg