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EN779 : 2012, The new standard in Air Filtration

EN779 : 2012, The new standard in Air Filtration
September 1, 2020

TECHNICAL BULLETIN: EN779 : 2012, The new standard in Air Filtration
Date: 26th November 2011

EN779:2012 is the new European Standard for air filters and will come into effect by the end of 2012. The standard replaces the old 2002 standard which classifies coarse and fine air filters.

In EN779:2002 air filters were classified on their average efficiency across the life of the filter, allowing the filter to underperform in its new and clean state.

The revised standard moves forward by introducing a Minimum Efficiency (ME) for fine filters (F7-F9). The result of this will drive the air filter market to offer improved levels of filtration efficiency at these higher grades and to improve air quality supplied by these filters.

EN779:2012 only calls for Minimum Efficiency on filters of grades F7 to F9 and to clearly define this, filters previously classified as F5 and F6 are now changed to M5 and M6 in a Medium Filter Category.

ClassFinal Pressure Drop PAAverage Arrestance (Am) of synthetic dust %Average efficiency (Em) of 0.4 μm particles %Minimum Efficiency for 0.4 μm particles %
G125050 < Am < 65
G225065 < Am < 80
G325080 < Am < 90
G425090 < Am
M545040 < Em < 60
M645060 < Em < 80
F745080 < Em < 9035
F845090 < Em < 9555
F945095 < Em70

Note: The characteristics of atmospheric dust vary widely compared to those of the synthetic dust used in the EN779 tests. Because of this, the test results do not provide a completely accurate basis for predicting either operational performance or service life. Loss of media charge or shedding of particles or fibers can also adversely affect efficiency.

Meeting the New Standard

Ask your air filter manufacturer, or facilities managers, if the filters you are buying meet the new standard to ensure that you are achieving the best possible Indoor Air Quality in your Heating and Ventilation systems.

For any further questions about EN779:2012 and which air filters meet the standard please contact the Airclean Sales Team.